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"I shouldn't perform that"



Real Transformer

There are some really clever people out there. And I think this would def sell out for halloween!

District Awesome

I went and saw District 9 for the second time and came away liking it even more. I would even see it again, and probably will. I had never been so excited for a movie since Jurassic Park and I can honestly say it met all my glorious expectations. I am a huge Alien "Buff" and find the subject totalllly compelling. I 
"All the shacks in District 9 were actual shacks that exists in a section of Johannesburg which were to be evacuated and the residents moved to better government housing, paralleling the events in the film. Also paralleling, the residents had not actually been moved out before filming began. The only shack that was created solely for filming was Christopher Johnson's shack."


I want one that can change from my room - to my car. Please

Brain Controlled Machine

The implications for this type of technology are far reaching and important. Not just as an experiment or for robotic arms and legs for amputees but for everyone. This and other experiments basically show that our brains' electrical signals can be universally applied to electronics and machines. If we could have something installed/ implanted in our head that could transfer signals to a computer - then we wouldn't need a mouse. We wouldn't need a steering wheel in our car. We wouldn't need a remote for our tvs. We could have a wifi antenna attached to our head that could basically control all of the electronics we use.
The real question this makes me ask is how far can this technology reach? And if this connection could be integrated to the Internet or a computer then what would our consciousness become? Like if your mind was to access google maps, and had access to that information - how would it be comprehended by our minds? Would we see it? Would we "just know.…


See it? There is a word hidden in there.

The opposite of Denial?

What's most funny about the post on "Denial" Is how I can go back and read it and think - wowi'm crazy, and -wow i'm so right at the same time.
Interesting note about my blog and book. I am NOT an editor.
I write with the motto " Write drunk - revise sober" but I hardely ever revise...
And when I think about why. Besides being lazy. Is that I learned to write by keeping journals. Things i wrote to myself that no one else was ever going to read or judge. Like writing a paper in schooll that the teacher wont grade. You can write whatever you want, and anything you want. And there is no one to tell you if it's good or bad. A or F.
So when you read this, or pretty much anything I write. Remember. I dont know what i'm saying. When someone in an english class gets a paper. Usually they have to write anything between 2-10 pages. And usually - they get 2-6months to write it.
And thats not typing for 6 months. If you type 50 words a min, you could finish the …

Tounge Eyes?

This is probably one of the greatest pieces of technology to come around in a while. Bringing sight to the blind - via the tounge? We have pretty cool brains

Animated Mona
"Leonardo da Vinci's painting the Mona Lisa has been brought to life in China using cutting edge technology. At Beijing's Planning Exhibition Hall, Mona Lisa can wave, smile and even answer questions from curious visitors.The Last Supper, another masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, has also been reworked at the exhibition. Every character, from Jesus to his twelve apostles, talks and eats."
Just wait...


After what had to have been a 5hr straight conversation last night. I can't help but feel inspired and think I should relate this information to the masses. Or whoever reads this.In summary it comes down to denial.Why do you trust someone who's lying. And you know it, but they deny it. How do you know who to trust, how do you know what the real story is? Is it your right to know? Why are they lying in the first place?(If only my conversations with my best friend were recorded.. wow.)The theme of last night’s talk was basically trust. IF you can't trust someone you assume what they are saying is a lie. If you trust them, and fall for it - then it could still be a lie. But you can NOT believe them, and it's not a lie. So how do you know if what they are saying is really true or not? You don’t. You have to investigate or manipulate it out of them.But like a prisoner who gives a false confession - a truth can be a lie. And a lie can be a truth. It's complicated. And fu…


After the last few blog posts, and endless thoughts. I figure that it's time to put them into some type of action.
So what I want to do is see what would happen if I DO what i know I should do...
I'm going to lake Tahoe for a few days this weekend. The day after I get back I'm going to give myself 30 days to see what happens if i completely change my life.
At the moment I'm smoking more than a pack of cigs a day. I'm having two energy drinks a day. I'm not doing anything very productive. I'm putting things off. I"m not working out. I'm being an idiot.
SO when I get back I'm going to put both restrictions and allowances into effect for 30 days!
Allowances: Only two bottles of wine for 30 days5 enerergy drinks for 30 days1 pack of cigs for a monthRequirements: Run 5 miles a weekDo 150 push ups every other day30min of wii fitness every dayMust complete 2 chapters in 30 daysTake spencer for a walk 5 days a weekKeep the house cleanMeditate for an hour a da…

Eat me!

If you dont think eating meat is "Wrong" Then go up to a cow or a pig, shot them in the head with a nail. Bleed them out. Peel off their skin. Cut them into little pieces, put them on a fire - cook them and THEN eat them. Do this when you're not hungry, and when there is plenty of other and healthier things to eat. I'm not talking about life or death situations, if you're stuck in the mountains and there is a squirl there c'mon, you almost have to. I'm talking about driving through McDonald's and buying a hamburger instead of a salad. You know it's not better for you. You know you're eating dead flesh. But you'll still order it over a salad. It's like being a vampire - or carnivore. YOu have to eat meat to survive. You can't eat vegetables. You are born to murder other creatures to survive. But seeing as humans are omnivorous, we have a choice. And the whole "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" doesn't s…