Salino Giacomo

Book Update:

I am working on something i'm calling "placcards" to help me organize my book. They are like the main things I want to include in each chapter. I'm going to make one for each chapter, pin them up on my wall, and then keep arranging them until it makes sense. I've had a lot of trouble figuring out the order of the chapters. But I know what I want the theme to be: evolution and art and man, and how they're connected.

I want it to flow from outside to inside, and then back out of "humanity"
  1. So like light enters the eye (this is what an eye is) into the
  2. Brain (this is what a brain is) then into the
  3. Mind (this is what a mind is) And then the
  4. Body re-acts (this is what a body is)
  5. Then finally back out into what all the pre-mentioned things create - art.
In my mind it makes sense, but then when I try to put it on paper it gets confusing. Should eyes come before Brain? Should Mona Lisa come before Da Vinci or after? Each chapter should lead up to the next, in some kinda logical succession.. hmm. It's hard to start writing before i figure this all out, or else I wont know what to include and when. My last book suffered from serious, serious, repeti
tion; there were like 4 different chapters on the mona lisa. NOw there will be one.

I'm also going to include a lot more subjects, which might not seem to be related but it'll be my job to show why they are and why they have to be included to understand the book's conclusions.
Eg. of an Eye Ch. Placcard

One of the Chapters is going to be called "love's prison" which was taken from a Da Vinci quote. It's about his lover Salai and how he inspired the Mona Lisa.

I went to google his name to make sure i was spelling it right, and my blog came up as the #1 hit on google. Woo hoo!

This is the Mona Lisa and Salai combined. The painting of Salai predates the Mona Lisa, and combines with it when it's superimposed.

Mona Lisa Giacondo
Salai Giacomo

Mona Lisa = Mon Salai (My salai in french)

Coincidence, or... GENIUS!!!

This painting wasn't credited with a known painted, but I assumed it was Da Vinci. Recently I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from someone saying they had it verified that it was painted by Da Vinci and asked if i wanted to buy it for More than 300 million pounds... um, will you take an iou? hahaha
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