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This guy was blind for 12 years, then through something that sounds even more sci-fi than.. sci-fi he was given some sight back.. I guess his tooth was used for the nerves, which must have then been implanted into his eye socket. And the lens somehow transfers electric signals to his optic nerve, which his brain was then able to interpret. If this is possible for someone who can't see, i wonder if i could get one of these tooth cameras implanted in the back of my head, or on the tip of one of my fingers. That would be cool!


"Martin Jones' canine was pulled out so a tiny optical lens could be fitted to it, then the tooth was inserted in his eye socket.

The 42-year-old lost his left eye and was totally blinded in the right 12 years ago when a tub of molten aluminium exploded in his face at the scrapyard where he worked.

He fell in love with care worker Gill, 50, and the pair married four years ago and settled down in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

But he had never dreamt he would be able to see what she looks like.

Then he heard about these amazing operations performed by surgeon Christopher Lui and his team in Brighton, East Sussex.

He said when the bandages came off the first person he wanted to see was Gill.

"The doctors took the bandages off and it was like looking through water.

"Then I saw this figure and it was her, it was unbelieveable," Mr Jones told The Sun newspaper.

The tooth was implanted in his cheek for three months to grow blood vessels and new tissue.

Once it was moved into his eye it was under two weeks until Mr Jones could see.

"When I tell friends I see through my tooth they don't believe me.

"But then I take off my glasses - and my eye looks like something from a sci-fi movie," Mr Jones told The Sun."

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