and then..

"um i was running and screaming cause there was spiders, and they're jumpin spiders, and then they were blocking us.. so we could not escape, and then the spiders jumped on me, but then i wiggled, and then they, and then they were coming off, and then i told the teacher, and then i said can i go inside, and then she said yes, no you can stay out here, and then, i um, decided to scream and run, and i runned all over, and there were spiders in the tube, and um, and then i saw spiders,and then i run to the tractor, but there were spiders int eh tractor, and then i run to the.. that big, um, construction, and then Terr were spiders, and then um i was running like a girl, ahhh, and then i um, accidentally saw a spider inside the tube over there, and then..."

kids are great
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