Acer G

" Acer has announced a new revision of its Aspire G desktop, a.k.a. Predator. It shares the same case with the earlier edition that hit the US of A late last year, but naturally has some better specs this time 'round. The CPU is now one of Intel's new Core i7 950's running at 3.06GHz, up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM is on offer, while more permanent storage is offered by a 1TB HDD and a Blu-ray reader. A pair of NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 graphics cards keep the pixels flowing over four DVI-D ports, and dual Gigabit Ethernet is on offer for those about to rock shotgun network connections"

This is one very fast computer. When I got my new computer less than a year ago 2-4Gigs of Ram was "top of the line" now it's up to 12GB. I remember when a Hard Drive used to have that much, and the Ram was 256mb. It's true when they say computer power doubles every 6 months or so.

Once diamonds are created cheaper and more easily we're going to see an explosion in all technology. Right now we're using silicone, which has certain heat and space limits. When we switch to diamonds those limits will be.. it's hard to imagine. The main advantage is heat. The limitations keeping silicone based technology back is how much heat they can handle, and how to cool them.

The technology is already here. Another interesting thing is how the jewelry market would be affected. A man-made diamond will be even better than a natural one and eventually very cheap. I would say that in the next 10 years diamonds will be as cheap and readily available as plastics. Diamond water bottles? Hell yeah.

" Already, experimental diamond transistors have been clocked at 81GHz. For comparison, Intel demonstrated cutting-edge silicon transistors in a lab late last year–running at 10GHz."

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