Fate II

In a strange, and hopefully positive twist of fate- With what should have been one of the best week for me, ended up being one of the worst. In any case I'm hoping that this is a sign that things will get back on track.

In a previous post I said how a bird died on my back door (by my dog who thought it was a toy) Well tonight I was outside again, and i heard this rustling under my chair. I was like wtf is that! Then i saw something fly up towards the bushes. I had to tell my mom about it because we were so freaked out last night. And it's so weird it would happen again.

Nothing happen and she went to bed. Then a few minutes ago I heard something knocking on the back glass slider. I went to look and in the exact same spot where the other bird died last night - was another one, exactly the same, and obviously a fairly mature baby, which must have fallen from it's nest.

I happened to have an extra cage, which i ran to get. When i got back, it was still there and up on the door sill looking to come in. I'm not kidding.

I caught it, put it in the cage and tomorrow i'll have to find some way to feed it if it's not old enough to eat parakeet seed.

I can't help but wonder how I can have such crowded and conflicting thoughts in my head at the same time.

"In real life, no decision is clearly signposted. It's not like you take the right turn and you get everlasting happiness and you take the wrong one and your life's a disaster. In real life it's often well nigh impossible to tell which decision is the one you should make because what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose are sometimes neck-and-neck."
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