After over 5 years and 5 different sidekicks, i've finally upgraded to a T-Mobile G1, And yes it is a huge upgrade.

I just installed this "App" that's called G-remote. After a couple very simple steps I can now use my phone as a remote control for my computer's music and videos. I open the program on my phone (After i installed it on my computer too) and pick a folder, find the song i want, and click on it - and this is from my phone not my computer, and it starts to play on my computer... How the freak do they do that? it's amazing - really. really.

I should get the negitives out of the way first, which are few and far between and in no way make me regret getting the g1. First, the battery life is limited. On my sidekick i would only have to charge it every couple days, if that. But with the g1 it seems to last barely a day, but this is because i'm constantly playing with it. It's more like a lap top than a phone and a few hours of constant use is pretty good. Although I would love to be able to play with it constantly for days at a time and have the battery keep up.

Secondly, the design of the phone itself is plain and simple. looking at it, it lacks a design aesthetic that wows, but the features and everything makes up for it ten fold.

I'm sure the iphone is great, but since i refuse to buy any apple products, and without having a chance to hook up with the iphone, the G1 is more than comparable. I'm not sure if Google is a bigger company than Apple, but they could definitely be rivals. And since the G1 uses google's Android operating system, it's not only advanced, mostly free and has a greater promise of advancement.

The phone comes pre-loaded with about a dozen different apps, from IM: Aim, Google, MSN, and yahoo. An email client, Amazon Music, youtube, and a few others. It also has android marketplace where you can download what seems like limitless other applications that range from apps to help quit smoking, brain challenges, and tick tack toe. To apps that can see how long your hikes are, give you your longitude altitude and elevation. And check your voice messages visually.

I could go on, but suffice to say it's more than awesome.

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