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Harrry and Wazniac

This is all i see when i see Steve dancing.

The Bug Whisperer (Cont)

So a Fly-like insect flew in my glass the other day. It must have been attracted to the cactus cooler and vodka. I tried to get it out without killing it, but I accidentally did anyways. I kept thinking- how could i have saved it? My finger didn't work but i bet the edge of a piece of paper would have. So I kept thinking about it for a few minutes while I moved to go lay in the sun.
While I was laying there I kept feeling things fly on me, it was the same kinda bug that i was just thinking about that i accidentally smudged in my glass. I had seen these types of bugs before, but only every once in a while. 
I counted how many flew and landed on me in the few minutes that followed and there were 2 green ones, and 13 black ones! I was thinking, this has never happened before, and I go in the back yard everyday. This day was no different. 
I guess the strangest part was how i was thinking about the bug so much, and THEN 15 more landed on me. It's like the "law of attraction"…


After over 5 years and 5 different sidekicks, i've finally upgraded to a T-Mobile G1, And yes it is a huge upgrade.
I just installed this "App" that's called G-remote. After a couple very simple steps I can now use my phone as a remote control for my computer's music and videos. I open the program on my phone (After i installed it on my computer too) and pick a folder, find the song i want, and click on it - and this is from my phone not my computer, and it starts to play on my computer... How the freak do they do that? it's amazing - really. really.
I should get the negitives out of the way first, which are few and far between and in no way make me regret getting the g1. First, the battery life is limited. On my sidekick i would only have to charge it every couple days, if that. But with the g1 it seems to last barely a day, but this is because i'm constantly playing with it. It's more like a lap top than a phone and a few hours of constant use is pret…
"Anthony Bragalia: A firefighter who was with the Roswell Fire Department in 1947 has confirmed that the mysterious crash in the New Mexico desert that Summer was in fact of an unearthly craft! The firefighter, now age 90, related stunning information to this author in a lengthy interview conducted recently. Respected Roswell author Kevin Randle also talked with the involved fireman to confirm the details of his story."

So either this 90yo man is dillusional, fame seeking, OR he finally isn't afraid to admit what happened, cause.. uh at 90yo there isn't much to be afraid of. Death?


"Salty, liquid water has been detected on a leg of the Mars Phoenix Lander and therefore could be present at other locations on the planet, according to analysis by a group of mission scientists led by a University of Michigan professor. This is the first time liquid water has been detected and photographed outside the Earth."

This is  very big deal. Scientists have agreed that water is the main ingredient of advanced life. There could be rock eating bacteria or something like that without water, but the presence of water has very vast implications for the possibility of life being on mars. I personally think there was life on mars at one point and it migrated here. I think we need to start planning a manned trip there, asap!


".. a South Carolina psychiatrist and a Harvard-educated researcher are looking for veterans who’ve been through hell and are willing to explore a fresh way of getting past the trauma using a drug long associated with the late-night party crowd.Ecstasy, clinically known as MDMA and outlawed recreationally for decades, is making a gradual comeback in the medical community as therapists rediscover its therapeutic value – especially in dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.“I heard about it and I decided to give it a try,” said a former Army Ranger who was one of two veterans who participated in a recent study on the effects of Ecstasy for treating PTSD. “It’s an extremely positive thing. I feel so lucky that I got to take part in the project.“It’s basically like years of therapy in two or three hours. You can’t understand it until you’ve experienced it.”
MDMA started out as a drug for therapy until the…

Cone Heads

Updated: Dec 2012


Excavation of an ancient burial site in South Sonora, Mexico, has revealed a series of skeletons with intentionally deformed skulls.
Of the 25 sets of human remains found close to the Mexican village of Onavas, 13 had deformed craniums and five had evidence of dental mutilation.
According to Past Horizons, misshapen skulls have not been recorded before in the Sonora cultural groups, although they are documented among Mesoamerican peoples.

Strange Elongated Skulls Discovered

This raises some interesting questions.
Are these skulls natural or did they modify them?
If they modified them - why? All of the sudden, out of no where, these ancient peoples started to place boards on their babies heads to make them into a certain shape. And this didn't happen in just one place, but in several places who (supposedly) had no contact with each other. 
Imagine if we started doing this today. There would be a reason we would start wanting to elongate our babies skulls,…