Vaccines vs Austism

Vaccines win, and courts say that they do not cause autism. Yet again.

This is something I mostly agreed with. If vaccines cause autism, and everyone get these vaccines - then why do only some get autism? If there are people - (at least one somewhere) who's never gotten a vaccine - and has autism, then it would have nothing to do with vaccines. 

The other day I was watching something on the History channel about the human brain. They casually  mentioned autism, and the possibility that da Vinci could have been autistic.. Which was kinda interesting because i've never heard that anywhere  but my own book! I've read a LOT about him but never came across anything about him and autism. 

Anyways, Einstein and Newton have strong cases against them for having autism
This article is about a gene test that could tell if someone has autism or not, Which means it would be genetic. Right?

And i'm pretty sure a vaccine didn't give Einstein or Newton Autism, and especially not da Vinci.

My theory, which i'll figure out as i try to explain it in my book's update, is that autism is a mostly natural occurrence. Genetic, and enhanced by nurturing. And i guess vaccines would be a form of nurturing that affect the nature - genes. 

Something i saw on tv was about vaccines - actually viruses and it's effect on mice's monogamous behavior. Scientists infected some mice with a virus that changed a certain part of their dna that made them stay with one mouse - instead of being a little mouse slut it would be more like a penguin and be faithful to it's partner. This implies that monogamy is genetic, and something someone would be either possessing, or lacking. So the genetic information is physical/ nature, and the sexual preference (monogamy) is the behavior/ nurture. This can be changed via a virus, which has been designed to change a specific gene. 

Since a vaccine is basically a virus, it does make sense that it could alter someone's behavior. Before I knew about this I just couldn't understand how it would be possible for a vaccine to cause autism. Now, even if it doesn't cause all cases I can see it could cause some. 

Maybe only some people have the genes for Autism or autism like traits. Maybe they aren't "Activated" normally, but the vaccines turn them on? Maybe they would have eventually been autistic anyways but were just jump started earlier? Or maybe they wouldn't have, had they never gotten the vaccine. Thats the real question. 

But that's the problem with all of these cases against vaccines. First, everyone gets them and supposedly everyone needs them. There was an episode of Private Practice about this. A mother was against vaccines because she believed her son got autism from them. So she didn't have her other children vaccinated. She decided that autism was worse than getting the diseases the vaccines prevented. Well, one of her other sons caught measles and ended up dying from it. Which is sad cause all she was trying to do was protect her other sons from autism, but ended up with something worse - death. 

With all the side effects for all the different drugs out there. It seems like autism, if caused even slightly by vaccines, are worth the risk. Assuming you'd die without them, and wouldn't get autism anyway.

 Although, it would be nice to know the truth. But with a potential 1million$ price per case, and wide spread panic - even if someone knows the truth - it doesn't look like it's going to come out unless absolutely necessary. 

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