Da Vinci Self Portrait (S)

These are the three images usually associated with being Da Vinci portraits. Before photography there was no way to record what someone looked like without drawing or painting them. Since da vinci was the closest thing to being a camera 500 years ago - since he was so good and accurate. It's interesting that these are all we have to get a glimpse of what he looked like. He was said to be extraordinarily good looking, but we dont have any images of him in his physical prime, only when he was much older. Not that someone can't still be extremely good looking as they age.. but it's still kinda strange he didn't leave many clues or images of what he looked like. 

There have been a couple drawings, where it could have been him. But they dont show any detail. I've always thought he would have painted a self portrait - a good one. But it seems the best image we have to go by is the first drawing on this post. Some even question whether he painted it, or if it's really him. I would say it is. If i had one image of myself to leave behind for the future to see, It would be something exactly like that drawing of him. Supposedly from around 1516, a couple years before he died. There's something very special about it. Not to mention all the connections that can be made with some of his other works (Mona, Salai) which parts of my book are based on. It stands alone as being one of the greatest drawings and self portraits of all time. 

So in the news there is a claim that someones found a new - painted self portrait of Da Vinci. Showing that he had blond hair and blue eyes. I find it almost identical to another supposed portrait of him, (the second image on this post) but painted. Although it's very good, it doesn't remind me of any of da vinci's other paintings. It's also interesting to note that in the news a couple months ago there was evidence that Da Vinci might have been an Arab. Based on a finger print. This is slightly conflicting, since Arab's dont usually have blond hair and blue eyes. 

But it could be that only one parent was, and the other  had a lighter ancestry. If that's true then it goes along with my working autism/genius theory. 
The new supposed self portrait. 

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