What are Family Values?
A family living in a house, raising a family, with father and one mother? The "traditional value" to life? That's the best way to raise a child.

But really, and everyone should understand that it doesn't matter the arrangement of sex's in the family. it's the Quality of the parent(s). There could be one kid growing up in a traditional house hold, who's abused and grows up damaged. Then there could be another kid who grows up with just one mom, who is raised "right" and is raised to become great.

Then, there could be another kid raised by two women, who are also great parents, and who raise the kid to be great. The sex's of the parents don't matter. It's not true that same sex parents raise gay kids. In the same way that straight parents always raise straight kids. It's more about who you are, nature, not how you're raised -nurture.

Real family values should be about the love and commitment between the parents and kids. To raise them well, no matter who the parents are. "Family values" could be the same connections and value in a orphanage, between the kids and those taking care of them. it doesn't require a set paramater of man and woman raising kids.

If these supposid family value people were serious about their clames, they would be advocating that Divorce should be illegal, or that people are only able to marry once.

In reality, prop 8 has nothing to do with family values, it has to do with people hating gay people. They disgust them, so they dont want them to be able to get married, Cause they think it's wrong. They put it on the same level as some kinda perversion. They can't imagine that the gays are the same as them, feel the same love for someone else, and want to get married - just like they can. They think they are wrong to feel that way. That they don't deserve to get married, because of tradition, but it's all really just ignorance.

No step parents, cause most people already have 2 dads and 2 moms anyways. And its worse than 2 that are there for you and not your parent.

Religion? Bible doesn't say anything about it
Tradition? So, it was tradition to keep slaves and segreate them to diff bathrooms.

History hows all intolerance is eventually fixed, and was a problem.

70% funds for pro prop 8 came from mormons, who are not the people who should be talking about marriage or "family values" seeing as they are polyamerous and rape children.

And why can't people be openly racist but they can be openly anti-gay?

I'm a white man, i'm supposedly the cream of the fucking crop genetically and mentally. (According to American tradition) So those women, jews, black people, and anyone stupid enough to be religious better bow down! Who are they to say who i can or can't marry, when at one point I enslaved them? And that was acceptable back then. Religion even supported the idea.

I saw people on the corner of a street by my house with signs saying "Yes on 8" and there were even kids holding signs, who were no older than 7.

The commercials for 8 only ever say that its bad because same sex marriage will be taught in schools. Well, does that matter? Does that mean they are going to become gay because they can get married to someone of the same sex? If that were true then all the gay people in the world would have been manipulated into wanting to get married to someone of the opposite sex.

No on (h)8
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