The Routan Boom

There is a controversy over this commercial, and the fact that it's being dubbed "German Engineered" VW is a German company, but it's new mini-van the Routan is really a Dodge/ Chrysler mini-van, with a slightly different design and suspension. is saying that this is the worst commercial ever and that they are lying about it being German.

First of all this is nothing new to the automotive business, platforms are shared all the time with even less differences than this. Most people dont even realize it, and for the ones who do it doesn't matter much. You're going to buy a car if you want it. VW did the same thing with it's SUV, with Porche. And they are two totally different suv's with the same basic components.

I guess the question would be, what does "German Engineered" mean? 1% of the car? 2%? 20% 100% It seems like you could say "German Enineered" even if they only made a few changes to an American automobile. Not to mention that Daimler/ Chrysler is (or was) partnered with another German Company (Mercedes) and only seperated recently.

They also said this was the worst commercial ever, but I think it's clever and is obviously making fun of itself anyways. It's saying that the baby boom going on is so people have an excuse to buy their mini-van. I think it's funny.

"Please, have a baby for love, not German Engineering."

This is what they should have made. The Micro Bus concept from a few years ago. Hopefully they still will.

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