I found this story reallllly disturbing. This guy, Neil Havens Rodreick II, is 30 years old. And some how he was able to register and attend school in Arizona - while posing as a 12 year old!!?!

He plead guilty to 7 charges, and is going to have to serve 70 years in prison. Which to me seems very harsh. Yes he's a deluded bastard, and should never be allowed to see a kid again. BUT 70 years is a lot - when none of the charges are for anything violent or molestation.

Some people don't even have to serve half that for KILLING someone, or raping someone, or worse.

Most people's re-actions to something like this is to say "Lock him up forever and throw away the key" or "shoot him in the head" but emotions don't govern the law, and.or punishment.

My idea for crimes like this, as well as murder and rape, which i think would work better both as a deterrent and punishment is - castration!

Thats what they do to horses, if they keep their balls they can be really hard to work with and cause a lot of problems. Its the same with dogs and cats. Thats why they get "Fixed" It would take away their sex drive, and make them a lot more docile.

Although it seems to verge on "Cruel and unusual punishment" Its subjective. The electric chair was cruel, being killed by lethal injection seems cruel. Anything that kills you seems cruel to me.

In my philosophy class it was a big debate whether life in prison or the death penatly were the same deterents. Would someone be less likely to do something if they knew they would get the death penalty? Or would they be more likely to do something if it were "only" life in jail? The argument was that death was more of a deterent, and should there-fore be used.

I think castration would be more effective than either.

I dont think this clever perv should be jailed for 70 years, but I do think he should be castrated.

And i'm not even going to get into how stupid people would have to be to let this 30yo man, pass as a 12yo boy.
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