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Talking Beluga

"Scientists in japan have given a beluga whale a vocabulary of three words, the first time a marine creature has been able to link a sound to an object and then repeat the sound as a 'word'.Nack, a 23-year-old beluga whale at the Kamogawa Sea World aquarium in Chiba Prefecture, has been taught to make different noises for a bucket, diving goggles and a pair of diving fins, said Takashi Murayama, a professor at Tokai University who has been training the creature for the last five years. "Beluga whales are very intelligent, friendly and they enjoy being trained in this way," he said. advertisement"Right now Nack only knows three words, but we are working on the whale recognising different people and giving them a sound as well. "After that, we want to teach it to express likes and dislikes, something that is interesting instead of boring, and be able to say if something is painful," he said. Nack gives off short, high-pitched sounds to identify the …

apparently everyone doesn't

found this funny

"Sometimes love isn't for everyone. Someone' asked me>

-If you could go back in your life, and cut out all the relationships, or loves, or 'false-loves' you've ever had, would you do that? To be free from everything that has anything to do with "love" ??

I thought - yes! Totally. If i could get rid of all of that, and live with a totally clean slate, with no understanding of love -what-so-ever. I would. I would forget anyone and everyone i've ever gotten close to, and trade that in for my optimism back. Every single person - I'd give back the jaded-bitter-angry-idiot in a second, for the girl i used to be.

And when i think of my past, and the quote: "Is it better to have loved and lost, than to ever loved at all?"'

I think..

No!!!, it's better to have never loved at all. Cause "love" as i've understood and experienced it, is completely not what i really think love should be. I would have rather ne…

Everybody does

This ain't the first time you've fallen in love
With your heart wide open
Feeling just like a fool knowing that
You're the only one left holding on
He broke your heart
You can't cry hard enough
But you're not the only one

Everybody loves someone
Everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody says they'll never fall again
But everybody does
Yeah, everybody does

How many times have you said he's the one
And found out that he wasn't
Always thinking it's gonna hurt forever
But then one day it doesn't anymore
You've come so far
Still a long way to go
Just remember you're never alone

Everybody jumps in
Never really knowin'
Where it's really goin'
You just have to trust in
Your heart, oh yeah

Budgie Driving

Allowance of 100$

_(-100 give back to mom)
+100 (get 100 back from mom)

Go to room, rent The new hulk movie for 12.99$, he has a cattle dog like spencer. Ironically a few days before I filled out a super hero survey, and I was most like hulk.

Indian spirits under the casino, probing me.

Simon and Sawyer died. Simon left behind 15 babies and 3 girl friends. In terms of what would make a fish successful, he was.

I had been telling my mom all weekend, at least 5 different times, that I wanted to buy a ring. Just cause I didn't have one, and I wanted one. But i didn't get one. Then, when we got home, she was watering the plants outside and came in and said "I found your ring" and I was like - huh? then I saw it, and remembered that I had thrown it in the air about a year ago. It coincidentally fell from some bushes while we were gone.

47 bullets?

Shoot first and ask questions later - is not a good philosophy..

"On August 31, seven police officers in Inglewood, CA, confronted a homeless man on the street. By the time the incident was over, they shot 47 bullets at the man, who had a toy plastic gun. Police dashboard cameras caught the shooting on tape--and now a concerned public is expressing its doubts about this show of force.

Residents want city leaders to take action now. "There are many, many great officers in the city of Inglewood," said one at a public hearing Tuesday night. "I know many of them, and I've worked with many of them. However, the concerns are with those who are combative, those who are obviously defensive, and those who are obviously dangerous to our communities.""


I didn't realize it was 9-11 until I woke up this morning, but last night I had a dream about something seemingly related.

After the killer vampire plants part, I was in a car driving through Del Taco for the second time in my dreams last night, and with different people.

This time I was with someone who is very christian, and very republican. In the dream she was saying something about the Troops and how she supported the war.

I just remember saying something like: "How can anyone who says they are christian, be for the war? Or any war? They always say "What would Jesus do?" And really - do you think Jesus would be for war? Do you think he would support killing anyone? I don't think so, and I don't think he would either."

I thought I made a good point. Revenge is not a good reason for war.

"Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I ha…


Better news. A cat that was lost NINE years ago, found it's way home. Now thats good news. It also shows why you should have your pets micro-chipped. My dog Spencer is!

"Dixie the cat is back in owner Gilly Delaney's arms nine years after she first went missing, Sept. 10 media reports said. The cat was identified by an embedded microchip after turning up less than a mile from her British home at the ripe old age of 15."


I found this story reallllly disturbing. This guy, Neil Havens Rodreick II, is 30 years old. And some how he was able to register and attend school in Arizona - while posing as a 12 year old!!?!

He plead guilty to 7 charges, and is going to have to serve 70 years in prison. Which to me seems very harsh. Yes he's a deluded bastard, and should never be allowed to see a kid again. BUT 70 years is a lot - when none of the charges are for anything violent or molestation.

Some people don't even have to serve half that for KILLING someone, or raping someone, or worse.

Most people's re-actions to something like this is to say "Lock him up forever and throw away the key" or "shoot him in the head" but emotions don't govern the law, and.or punishment.

My idea for crimes like this, as well as murder and rape, which i think would work better both as a deterrent and punishment is - castration!

Thats what they do to horses, if they keep their balls they can be reall…

The Routan Boom

There is a controversy over this commercial, and the fact that it's being dubbed "German Engineered" VW is a German company, but it's new mini-van the Routan is really a Dodge/ Chrysler mini-van, with a slightly different design and suspension. is saying that this is the worst commercial ever and that they are lying about it being German.

First of all this is nothing new to the automotive business, platforms are shared all the time with even less differences than this. Most people dont even realize it, and for the ones who do it doesn't matter much. You're going to buy a car if you want it. VW did the same thing with it's SUV, with Porche. And they are two totally different suv's with the same basic components.

I guess the question would be, what does "German Engineered" mean? 1% of the car? 2%? 20% 100% It seems like you could say "German Enineered" even if they only made a few changes to an American automobile. Not to…


You’re not worth it, babe
The trouble you bring
The noise you keep
And you don’t even care, yeah

I’m so sick of you, babe
Nights wasted, I’m through faking
You don’t turn me on
You don’t do anything at all

Baby, I can’t stand the sight of your face
Baby, I don’t even want to hear your name

Don’t know what I saw
But I ain’t seeing it now
Woke up this morning, bitterness in my mouth
Guess I fell too fast
Guess I learned my lesson
So much for true love
I take the Chivas instead
Yeah, I take the Chivas instead
Oh yeah

You’re too high maintenance, babe
All the time you spend trying to fit in
And no one even cares, yeah

It’s so ridiculous, babe
Watching you turn as I burn
It’s like you’re not even there, yeah

Baby, don’t you try to hold my hand
Maybe, you should keep your eyes
on your new girlfriend

Don’t know what I saw
But I ain’t seeing it now
Woke up this morning, bitterness in my mouth
Guess I fell too fast
Guess I learned my lesson
So much for true love
I’ll take the Chivas instead
Oh, I’ll take the Chivas instead
Over …

Smokey joins the D.a.r.e program

Ok this is getting strange. Two stories in a row about animals and drugs. But this one is about a bear that chased away pot growers. Obviously the munchies played a big part in this story, both on the bears side, and the growers. They left their snacks around, the bear smelled them - then wanted some. Imagine being high and then a bear jumps out at you. "wow man, is that a bear right there or is that just me?"

This whole story is really funny if you think about it. The sheriff wants to deputize the bear, and thinks he's enforcing the law. The weed growers are scared out of their mind, probably still running through the forest. And the bear, well he just wants something to eat!

"One Utah community is cheering a special bear — but don't call him Smokey. Investigators say a large black bear raided a clandestine marijuana growing operation so often that it chased the grower away.

"This bear is definitely law-enforcement minded," said Garfield County Sheriff …

Asian Elephant addicted to coke

"A once drug-addled elephant fed heroin-laced bananas by illegal traders will return home after emerging clean from a three-year detox program on China's tropical island province of Hainan. The four-year-old bull elephant, referred to alternately as "Big Brother" or "Xiguang" in state media reports, was captured in 2005 in southwest China by traders who used spiked bananas to control him.

After police arrested the traders and freed Xiguang a few months later, the elephant was confirmed to be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and sent to a wild animal protection centre in Hainan for rehab, Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.

A year of methadone injections at five times the human dosage had helped wean Xiguang off his addiction."

huH? What I don't understand is why it took 3 years to get him off it? A year of injections to help wean him off? It seems a little excessive to wean an elephant of narcotics. I could see them giving him a little bit…


Honda is using the name "Insight" for it's new hybrid car, aimed directly at the prius. It will also be the least expensive hybrid you can buy, when it goes on sale next year.

This is a preview of the Chevy Volt, which is due out in 2010-1012, the production version is going to be unveiled in the next month. The volt will be a huge step forward for hybrids. It can go 40 miles without using any gas, and when it does the gas engine doesn't move the car, it charges the electric engine. Which makes a lot more sense.