The life before her eyes

I randomly rented the movie: The life Before her eyes, because i saw Uma Thurman on the cover. I didn't know anything about it. It was really good, and had an ending that keeps you thinking. I can't talk about it without giving it away. It's as if, instead of your whole life flashing before your eyes before you die, you imagine what your life WOULD have been like, if you survived, or made a different decision.

In the movie, Uma is an art teacher. In one scene she is talking about a painting by Gohan (or something like that) and she was projecting it on a screen so her students could see it. It showed it for a second and I paused the movie and said "Mom, come check this out!"

We went in my room and the same painting was what I had as my desktop background! I didn't even know who the artist was, or why I had it on my computer, or why i decided to use it as my background a couple days before I saw the movie.

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