Puerto Vallarta Excursion (Day Two)


All 21 of us met up at the golf course's club, for brunch. My uncle is friends with Jesus, the tiger keeper so we got to see Cloey. She's 6 months old and was in a cage behind the club house.

I kid you not, the top of the "cage" came up to my chest, Cloey could totally jump over it if she wanted to. As we walked up Deegan was walking and holding his mom's hand. As soon as the tiger saw him, she got this really determined look on her face and jumped at the fence. Deegan was immediately picked up. I'm sure she just wanted to play, and he's looks fun (and bite sized.)

  • x18 (+10 Momosas at brunch)
The brunch buffet was really really good, the highlight was the hand pressed tortillas, that were cooked on the spot. MMmm.

Quit possibly the most amusing thing i've ever seen happened at the table. Deegan apparently LOVED Mexican milk, and was sitting there with his eyes closed, drinking and rubbing his bottle all over his face.

After an un-healthy dose of bug spray we got to get up close and a little too personal with the other tigers.

There is the normal fence, and then there is the cage. Most of the time you're behind both - or the Tigers are. But with Jesus's good graces we were able to go in between the two.. So instead of a few feet between the tigers and our lives, we were maybe - half an inch.

I've never really been afraid in my life, at least not physically. Talking in speech class is pretty frightening, massive turbulence on the flight to Greece was probably the most afraid i've ever been, and although this didn't quite compare to that - it was a funny feeling. I was walking between the cages and taking pictures, the big male tiger which is 500lbs and whose sheer size isn't appreciated unless you're there. was just laying down. As i walked by, he got up.. and he didn't do anything scarry but I think it was just how big he was. I think the word would be intimidating. That and the thought that he could reach through the bars and literally rip whatever he grabbed onto. His paws were twice the size of my hand. Anyways, I've never really had my heart start to uncontrollably beat but my flight of fight response was definitely activated, and I could guarantee I would have flight'ed. It's a fight I would not win.

I think the opposite of fear is.. well a feeling that can be best described with "Awwwwww" These 12hr old cubs were a lot less intimidating.

Right in the middle of the 12hr olds and the giant were these 3month old cubs. They probably have about half the intimidation factor too, I doubt they could Kill you, but they could hurt you.

My favorite picture I took the whole trip!

Told you we were close!

After the tigers we all split up and most of the family went back to their hotel and beach.

We drank a lil then went to arrange the activities of the next day.

  • x20 (+2 Margaritas)
  • x21 (+1 Mexican Beer)
  • x22 (Long Island Ice Tea)

First we went to the adventure place to see the options, we were going to plan for the dolphin experience for the next day, and a jungle trip the day after that. We got the details, saw how tall the kids had to be that wanted to go. Then went back to the hotel to see who wanted to do what.

I'm amazed at how difficult it is to plan for 21 people, when there are only 3 options. Yes / No - and if yes, then a or b! But it took 5 hours.

We got everything in order, then went back to the condo to lay by the pool, and drink.

  • x27 (+4 Margaritas)


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