Puerto Vallarta Excursion (Day One)

7:00AM: Vallet picked us up. Heading to LAX

8:45: Little hold up at the auto ticket machine, I scanned the wrong part of the passport and it thought I was an employee. Afterwards when we were going through security, mom kept saying

Mom: "Put your boarding pass away, you dont need it now"
Me: -"yeah You do!"
Her: -"Put it away!"

Announcement: Please have your boarning passes out

Me: "HA!"

  • x2: (Captain morgan's and Coke) @ Airport

  • x3 (Heinakin on plane)

Arrived in Puerto Vallarta, all our family also happened to arrive at the same time. Customs was a breeze. My uncle was there waiting for us. He got a Van to take everyone else, we went with him. The driver told him it was going to be $50, then tried to raise it to $100, but it didn't work.

Uncle's place is in a huge area called "Paradise Village" as we were driving in the front gate, I saw a huge cage with tigers in it. "There are tigers here?!!" - yes! I really wanted to see some monkeys, and as we drove up to drop off someone at the hotel there were even more cages. Inside; mountain lions, more tigers, and Monkeys!

My uncle owns a condo there, and me and my mom stayed with him. He used some extra time shares for the rest of the family at a nice hotel down the beach.

  • x6 (+3 mexican Beers)

  • x7 (+1 Margurita)

  • x8 (+1 Glass of straight tequila)
When we first got there, we went to check out the view. Down by the pool there was this guy taking pictures of girls who kept changing their clothes. I think it was for some kinda "Sexy" clothing line. It was entertaining.

We settled in, then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I had "Neptune's Bounty" which was 300 pesos. There were huge caged parrots in the back, We went to see them while we were waiting for our food. Since i think i'm the bird whisperer, I was determined to pet it. There was a sign that says they bite and my cousin said to watch out. I said "It's ok i have a parakeet!" but obviously these parrots were abused my countless touristas fingers, and i got away with it's beak barely grazing my thumb, it's the smallest parrot bite imaginable. If I hadn't been drinking I could have totally conquered it!


My cousin's son Degan

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