Puerto Vallarta (Day Three)


When i was 7 or 8 I went to Hawaii, and they had a swim with the dolphin thing, but i wasn't able to do it. I've really wanted to ever since. I love dolphins.

After many many years It was finally time!

This is what i wrote in a notebook when I was down there about the experience:

  • "Skip drove us to the dolphin place @12:30. Signed in, then went with a group of about 8. Two families, one was from Poland, and one from Colorado. RULES: Dont touch eyes, blow hole, or mouth. Alan was our trainer/ guide. He was cool & had braces. There were two dolphins, I forgot their names. On was male and one was female, they were young and small. We petted them, they turned over, we petted their stomach. They were soft, and kinda rubbery. They kissed your cheek, and you kissed theirs. Then you get to go for a ride. I was the 4th to go. the dolphin turns over and you hold on to their flippers - which are really hard (and have 5 fingers inside just like us humans) Their tail is kinda below and between your legs. Alan threw a fish, then it goes after it, while you hold on. I went the furthest out of the group. Everyone could swim but one little guy and he was pretty afraid of the dolphins. He didn't wanna do it. But he did. The dad from Colorado said "watch he'll have a huge smile on his face on the way back" and he did. But he wasn't trying to let it show. When the other people were kissing the dolphin, Alan had one of the dolphins wait to the side, he was being "bad" when he was on time out, i was kinda playing with him. He was totally checking me out. It's amazing how smart and playful they are. You can tell just by looking in their eyes. I would look at him and kinda move my head, then he would do the same. I like dolphins. There was a sea lion that walked by the waiting area/ restaurant. he was huge! and really made it obvious why they are called "Sea Lions" it looked like a huge water bound lion or dog or.. it could totally eat you if wanted. So could a dolphin. So could that tiger! there were iguanas there too, just hanging out. I think they are smarter than they let on. I like Iguanas now. I want one, but not as much as i want a dolphin.

My mom got sick, Montezuma's revenge. I had a dream about it the night before. She also slammed her thumb in the door. Got welts of big bites, and broke the blinds. I cant' take her anywhere!

There was a lot of lightening, like every 10 seconds there was a new flash. It was awesome.

  • "It's fun to do all these new and exciting things but there is something missing. I feel like i'm there, but only half here - or anywhere. Everything is the same as if i've already dont it 1000x's times, but never before. I can't explain it because i don't understand it. It's like i'm living the same life over and over. Its like something is missing, but not wrong or important, just like eating the wrong flavored ice cream. It's just quite not as good as your favorite flavor. But when you have your favorite, you can never have enough. your afraid, you just dont know why. your lacking something. A frame of mind? or something more? Someone else? your true self - it's something"

I was the only one who signed up for the Dolphin SWIM experience. Everyone else just did the normal version. The only difference was the actual dolphin ride. It cost 101$, the pictures were the part where they get you. It was 25$ For one picture, and 250$ for the whole set of pictures. I just got one. The rest were taken by my mom sitting on the side lines, with stabbing stomach pains, but she was a trooper.

This is my 25$ picture.
After i was done we waited for the rest of my family to get there for their turn. That's all of them -my uncle and aunt, mom & me.
Everyone REALLY enjoyed it. Because we were going to go on a really long adventure the next day, and a couple people from our group were getting sick, i decided to only eat some french fries and nothing else. There was NO way i was going to get Montezumas revenge on a day-long trip when there weren't any bathrooms.
Afterwards, they went back to their hotel, and we went back to the condo.
Since my mom's stomach was still killing her, I stayed with her while everyone else went to dinner. I didn't want to leave her alone, in case Montezuma moved to her brain.
We went to bed at 8pm. The last time i've gone to bed that early was.. hm since i was 8, so I woke up at 1am. Actually I was having yet another dream about being in a class room. This time I was in a class which had 2 teachers that quit, then the 3rd was taking over and told us what we were going to be doing for homework that night. It was really excessive, and I guess since i was drunk I was bold in my dream and stood up to him. I was like "you're having us do way too much for homework, it's ridiculous." (i'm totally against homework when you have to spend all day at school anyways) Then he said something back and I said "well you're the 3rd teacher we've had, it's obviously not our fault, there is no way they can fail us when we've had 3 different teachers." Then he grabbed the pencils that were on my desk and stabbed my back pack. I woke up and had a 5hr long thinking fest. It was kinda annoying, but I went with it and came to terms with anything and everything bothering me.

We had to wake up early for our next adventure.

SLEEP (Barely)

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