New Souls?

MY Question:

  • You know how they say the soul is eternal, and everlasting, and can re-incarnate, and fly around the universe, or do whatever it does. Well, do you think it's possible that every once in a while a new soul is made? A brand new one? Or maybe if a soul so chooses, it can end itself? And then a new one is made?


The Different answers:

  1. Gen. 2:7 a new soul is made every time a baby is concieved.

  2. Assuming that a soul is made of some sort of matter, then that would defy the law of conservation of matter/mass. A new soul would not be able to be created without an old one going away first.But that's only assuming that souls are real and that they obey the laws of science, and are made of substances that we know of. For all we know, souls could be something entirely different than any form of matter or energy that we know of now.

  3. Well with that thinking it seem ..Whew! (ducks a new soul who is just learning to fly) I was saying it would seem you could decide it to be whatever way you want it,As for reality....I believe when God created Adam He created within Him and Eve all the bodies of all the future souls He already created when he made Adam's soul.I also do not believe in reincarnation although i spent a few years trying to.Before you were born God knew you and called you by name and wrote all your parts in His book

  4. ... a long long time ago I heard somewhere that these new souls you speak of a born under the sign of Aries, thats why they get all excitable, everything is new to them ... just a thought that sprang to mind when I read your question ;)I like the idea of God recycling!

  5. Souls R there since the creation of Adam floating around in a finite number. They R chosen to be on earth when pregnancy. the chosen on gets the body . It has only one shot. After death soul exits the body for good floating there in a different place till meeting its destiny. Souls R everlasting work of God.No reproduction , no suicide.

I choose answer #2, (in bold) cause i wasn't looking for a biblical answer, but a more scientific one. There is a quote by Da Vinci about the soul. It says roughly that the soul would be made of a type of energy/ heat and once released from the body would be forced up and out of our atmosphere (heat rises) - similar to a bubble in a glass of water. He didn't explain where it would have gone after it left our atmosphere though.

I guess my biggest and most confusing question, (and I dont think i'm alone here!) is the idea of the soul. What is it? What isn't it? Does it even exist?

My first understanding of the "Soul" would have been, basically a ghost. You see cartoons of someones soul, that looks just like them, leave their body and fly around. Like in the movie Ghost with patrick swazy, or the countless cartoons where the souls are floating up out of graves.

The older you get, and the more you know, only confuses the issue. Religiously, the soul seems to be a ghost of yourself that leaves your body and either goes to heaven or hell. When you're younger you imagine heaven directly above you in the clouds - and hell below you somewhere very hot.

But then, you learn about the Universe, and how large it is. So where is heaven now? Can you see it with a telescope? How does you soul travel there? Where is it?

Science confuses things for a logical mind that wonders about very un-logical things.

So as i got older and learned more I started to doubt the idea of the soul as an actual physical, or non-physical thing.

I think of the word in a different way - when someone says it's in the spirit of sport - which means fairness and fun - then you realize that "Spirit" can be an idea, not something "real" or tangible. There really isn't a spirit of sport watching over every game. This reminds me of the Greek gods, and how they governed over different aspects of life. The God of agriculture, of the sun, of Love etc. But people actually believed that there were really fairly tangible people who watched over their particular theme.

They would build temples and make sacrifices and worship to them as if they were real. The kinda logic the Mayans would use when they would cut the hearts out of people to ensure a good crop.. They thought there was this - force i'll call it - that controlled the crops and rain, and they could appease or anger this entity.

So I think of that idea of supernatural spirits, or gods interesting but archaic. Now that we know how weather works, we know it's not depended on how many heads we cut off or virgins we sacrifice. It depends on high and low pressure, clouds and heat.

If you think about Physics, and gravity, weight, - magnetism etc. they are ideas and physical, real things. You could say that the "Soul" of physics is the rules that govern moving bodies. How something will fall with a certain weight and gravity.

What i'm getting at is the idea that the "Soul" of something isn't something real. It's the idea of something, a memory.

So when someone dies and people say - "Their spirit will live on" it could be taken two ways.

  1. Their soul is actually flying around somewhere.

  2. Their memory is still active in the memories of those who knew them.

These are two VERY different things. Do we only live on in legend, or some form of consciousness. Will a spiritual form of Derek be soaring through the galaxy for all eternity. Or will I cease to exist as soon as all record of me, and all memory of me end?

People are having their bodies frozen, in the hopes that someday they'll be awakened and renewed. Will they still be exactly the same? Did their soul leave? Is the "Soul" just the ghost in the machine?

A computer is a physical thing, with electricity running through it's circuits- as is our brain and energy going through it. A computer stores it's memories on a hard drive. How are our memories stored? If our brain is damaged, we can lose our memories. Some people can actually forget who they were - amnesia. There are some people who's brains get damaged in a way that they can't form new memories. They can only remember anything within a 10min period, and only before a certain moment in their lives. If you were to meet them, and then walk away, they wouldn't remember meeting you...

So to me, it seems that a persons soul is directly related to their hardware - to their physical brain. A persons whole personality can change if there is a physical change in their brain. If they hit their head too hard in a certain spot, it can make them more aggressive and act like a different person. So does their soul change?

So thats the question I struggle with the most. Who we are is mostly created by what we've experienced, our memories. But also how we were raised, and what physical brain (Dna) we were born with. - Identical twins confuse things. The physical structure of their brains are essentially the same - until they start to change based on what they experience. They can be so different, yet so the same. Its like having two identical computers, with the same hardware, but then different files and software being used on it. So their "Souls" are different - the electricity running through the hardware... hmmm

I dont really have the answer. Thats why it's confusing. I'm just kinda typing out-loud.

I'm starting to think that the greatest con is the idea of the soul. That it's eternal. We're told that what we do NOW, doesn't matter, it only matters where we go when we die. So we do as we're told while we're alive, to save our eternal soul. We do what they say, so we'll go to heaven.

But what if.. when we die, there is nothing else? Our souls don't lift from our bodies and rush out of orbit, to the deep edges of the universe. All we had was our short lives here? and we wait, and wait, and do what other people tell us to, and dont do what other people tell us not to, and it's all in vain?

It seems to me, since no one really knows, or can prove what happens when we die. That maybe, just maybe. We should take advantage of what we do know for sure. We're here now, and we're in control.

Live it up bitches!!

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