"More abortions than I can count"

I've never watched the view, and I wouldn't' really want to. Whoppie would be the only reason I would. She's awesome.

There was a story in the news about one of the ladies on there, Shepherd, who told a Christian magazine (Precious times haha) that she had "More abortions than I can count" in her 20's...

So on the tv show, the view, she wanted to clear things up..

"oh my goodness.... I just shared my life, i'm so open about everything....my faith and where its brought me..i try to make jokes....as a christian sometimes i'm scared
sometimes i said lord, (cause that's how i talk to the lord) ...they could lay hands on barbara walters and get her saved..."


"I shared with the woman in the magazine that i have had a lot of abortions
she didn't print the entire quote what the full quote was, i've suffered from a lot of shame and guilt and i didn't know how to forgive myself.. Until someone once told me "all my babies are going to be there and saying hi momma" when i get to heaven. "

This is the same woman who thought that Christianity was the first religion.

I dont know her, i've never seen anything but two little clips of her, but I think she's an dumb ass.

I love how she talks to the lord about getting Barbara walters "Saved" and in the same conversation says that she's had more abortions that she can count? I mean, I think most people, even 4th grade drop outs can count to at LEAST 100, right? Can they count to 10? I mean I could count to 20 before I was 3 years old.

So how many abortions did she have??? You'd think it would be a fairly memorable experience. But to say "i've had more abortions than I can count" ?! There's something really wrong with this woman.

And when she said the magazine didnt' print the whole quote I was expecting her to say something to make it bettter, or that "more than i could count" wasn't accurate, but no. She just said she suffered from shame and guilt until someone told her that all her babies are going to say "heyyyy mamma" when she gets to heaven...

hmmm, so when these babies were aborted, which is when they are like size of a peanut, does that mean they grew up in heaven? How old will they be when she gets there? Will the ever become adults? Do they stay babies forever? According to the person she talked to, they are going to say "Hiii mamma" so, they gotta be old enough to talk, so does that mean they stay perpetually 4?

I guess I dont understand. I wonder if she felt guilt and shame after her first abortion, the second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Sixth? Seventh? Eighth? Ninth? Tenth? See I can count to ten.

and i can't help but think, the people who get "Saved" are usually the ones who need to be. But they need to watch where they point fingers, and who they try to save, and who they think they're better than - because they're "Saved" and someone else isn't. That doesn't make you better.
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