Miley Vs. Selena Gomez

Miley (Hanna Montana) is literally taking over the world. I wouldn't be surprised if someday her face was on our next quarters. She's a disney star, who's getting to the age where she's getting strange feelings for boys and en'raged feeling for girls, who go after her boys. This is dangerous territory for anyone to get into.
So Miley supposedly made this mockery video of Selena Gomez because she's allegedly Dating Miley's ex bf. One of the Jonas brothers, which is kinda funny cause they are all wearing celibacy rings and waiting until they get married. So obviously these girls have no idea what true jealousy is yet. Selena is also referred to as the "Next Miley" so that's gotta just add fire to the flame.
There is bound to be a you tube, video mockery war about to erupt, and not just with Miley vs Selena, but with each sets of their fans posting videos in their "girls" defense.

Wait for it..
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