I was "born and raised" in Southern California. Technically, supposedly i'm a minority here and there are more Hispanics than whites. Here in California more than anywhere else immigration is an issue. This is because we border Mexico, and they like to come over and live in America. I can't really blame them, and I don't really think it's that big of a problem.

It's some-what, politically Incorrect to use the word "Mexican" which i find ridiculous. You're "supposed" to use "Hispanic" as if saying "Mexican" is offensive. I think it's more offensive to think saying the word "Mexican" is offensive!

My best friend is half Mexican and Norwegian, so she looks kinda exotic and it's hard to tell what she is. So she gets asked a lot "What are you" and she says - i'm white and half Mexican. And people will kinda give a her a weird look as if she said something inappropriate. Cause like i said there is kinda a politically correct rule about using the word "Mexican"

She'll just say, what? My dad is from MEXICO, He's a beaner! he's Mexican!

"Mexican Sunscreen"

So after much debate i've figured it out. It can be offensive to assume someone is "Mexican" if they are from a different country, like Puerto Rico or Peru. Its like calling someone Japanese if they are Chinese. So you refer to someone as "Asian" if you dont know.

So the same applies to "Hispanic" if you dont know what they really are you would refer to them as - Hispanic. BUT if they are from MEXICO, it is appropriate to call them MEXICAN!

And to think other wise is more offensive to Mexicans, and to me! To be afraid to use the word Mexican, as if were an insult is absurd. There is nothing wrong with being Mexican, and i'm not going to insinuate there is by refraining from using it!

I also think it's horrible how immigration is talked about and referred to. People think we should put up walls and shoot anyone coming over. As if we're sooo much better than them, and they dont deserve to come over. Fuck that! Mexico used to own California, and everyone here is more of an immigrant than ANY mexican! People are so ignorant and stupid.

They say -"They are taking all our Jobs!!" huh??? What kinda job is a Mexican, who can barely speak English, with no USA education (certificate) going to take from us? Our Gardening Jobs? Working at Del Taco? Picking Strawberries? If someone coming from Mexico is qualified, and educated enough to take our jobs, or do a better job at it - then they should. They are really hard workers and do the jobs that other people wont. So to say that they are taking our jobs is absurd. It may be difficult for my peers with a college education to find a GREAT job, but no one coming across the border is creating competition for anyone already here.

If anything we need to keep the Canadians out!

On the news last night there was this controversy over some community politician referring to something as a "BLACK HOLE" which he meant as the thing in space that sucks in everything and doesn't give anything back.. And there were black people there who thought he was being insensitive to blacks... WTF?!?!?!

He wouldn't apologize, and Im SO glad he didnt. I think the only way to get past discrimination is to ignore it. You dont feed the fire by being afraid to offend everyone all the time. If you say some word or phrase that someone finds offensive, and you didn't mean it to be - then it wasn't. They can't say "oh you're a racist" when you're not. They are the ones with the problem, not you. To me discrimination and equality are only enhanced when you try to make exceptions or rules for particular people. Equality is when everyone is treated the SAME. No exceptions.

For someone to be chastised for saying "Black Hole" is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard of. Thats like a white person being offended for a black person saying "White out" instead of "correcting fluid" ! Right?

I think there is a huge difference between linguistics, and actual words and what someone really means. I don't believe in "Bad words' Fuck fuck fuck faggot. They are just words. When you're afraid to say something - you give them power. It's not the words that are the problem, it's the power behind them, and have nothing to do with the words themselves.

"Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can never hurt you."

Is one of the first sayings I ever learned. I remember when I was a kid and if anyone ever said "the s.. word" it was Such a big deal! ohhh noo, I can't believe you uttered that~! Then when i got older, I realized, it's so stupid to think that way. Its one of those things that makes me think "are you serious?" For real? You gotta be kidding me. It's just a fucking word!

Another interesting story that kinda goes along with this post. This guy, wanted to get his name legally changed to:


Which i thought was fucking awesome!!! But a judge said no...

What is this country coming to? Pretty soon there will be fines for every time someone says the "F-word"

and don't even get me going on visual censorship. I love when they are showing a reconstructive boob job on tv, and you can see inside a bloody body cavity, and they cut off more than half the breast tissue, and 10lbs of flesh and fat. THEN they blur out the nipple!?!?!

Or how there will be some show on tv that shows people being brutally murdered, and raped - but then when someone says "Shit" it gets bleeped out...

what is this world coming to!?!?!!?

We need to grow the f*ck up! oh see, the * makes it OK??? hahahahaha

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