Mener undulaten Noa spådde

A link to this news article was posted on the budgie forum/email list i belong to. It's in another language but it's an interview with a family of a talking Budgie, and videos to prove it. There are dozens of videos just like these on (Search for : "Talking budgies")

The day I got my first Budgie (Parakeet) i went online to read about them and came across this site that claimed that they could talk - in full context. Contextual, means that they understand what they are saying. So it's not that they memorize and mimic what you say, and say it back when they are trained too. But that they can actually and totally understand what they are saying and even talk about very advanced things, at the level of of 7yo human or more.

The site that I first read this on was created by a guy- Ryan Reynold's- who used to do Morris code type stuff for the Canadian military, so he had a very trained ear. He had recorded his budgie victor and later realized he was actually speaking to him in the videos. I was sceptical at first, mostly because his little voice sounded like yoda!

This is an example of one of his videos. The other bird sound in the background is another parakeet.

"Victor. I just gossip. Stupid.
She talking...people peeved her Victor
She is fussy come summary
Yeah, Betty's talk a might fussy
Don't talk that sad
She's talk a lot talking Betty talk fussy
I said dad, why you got shirt? Too cool for you?
I should button. Awe, awe!
Ryan's got lots to learn yet.
What's better.
When I tell em what I shouldn't tell him.
Lesson, peoples celebrate that.
Rather tell the person positive when it cause something upset
Might tell the budgies the wrong thing
Ha, ha, ha
Are you be watch TV that make here
Don't take long to school
Always knows, knows, knows those"

Sounds crazy right? My main doubt was the sound of his voice, more than what he was saying. But then I took a little trip over to and typed in talking budgies.. and they all sound like that!

Now imagine the implications. These little 20$ birds that you can buy in any pet store, can learn to speak in contextual english? Think about it, would their rights change if they could speak for themselves? But not just english, but other languages too ( like the one in the link to the article)

"In 1995 a budgerigar named Puck was credited by Guinness World Records as having the largest vocabulary of any bird, at 1,728 words."

This isn't science fiction.

"Arielle is a pioneering bird demonstrating that the cliché “Parrots just imitate what they hear” is erroneous. Arielle, a Blue-and-yellow Macaw communicates ideas using a vocabulary of 4000 meaningful expressions. She speaks in several tenses, uses pronouns appropriately, attributes characteristics to animals and objects, and generally uses English correctly—she demonstrates a “Theory of Mind.” A book, based on recordings of her free speech documents many aspects of the macaw’s linguistic abilities"

So although this sounds very far-fetched and looney, it doesn't mean that it is.

My last budgie Lelu Dallas, would NEVER Stop talking, but it was mostly just sounds and sound effects, no disernable words. My new budgie FIVE, never makes a sound. I let him/her watch youtube videos of talking budgies to see if he'll learn anything, but so far he's really shy. I can already get him to sit on my finger and shoulder though.

But yeah... pretty soon this is will be very big news, and will change the way people perceive animals. Wait for it!

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