Cancer Call?

Dr. Ronald B. Herberman who is the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, told his employees to limit their cell-phone use age because it could cause cancer..

GREAT. There have been other studies done that didn't find a link between cancer and cell phones, but if you think about it "Studies" can be done to say almost anything. Especially when there are SO many cell phones, and SO many cell phone users. If they really did cause cancer there would be SO many law suites that literally all of the cell phone companies would go extinct. Think about it.

I rarely talk on my cell phone, but I do text a lot so i'm not really worried. BUT I would imagine that the same signals that could cause cancer that are going to and from a cell phone, are very similar to Wifi signals that have been constantly going through my house for the last few years.

Another question that pops into my mind is how can they study the long term effects of cell phones, when they are a relatively new invention? (At least for the mast majority of people) What if it takes 15 years before the cancer develops? What if it only effects a small # of people?

It's curious how there are some people who can smoke tons of cigarettes, all day -everyday for their whole lives and never get cancer, and some who do. But what makes them different? Maybe cell phone radiation would only effect a small % maybe it would only effect those who are a certain age, maybe only those who use their cell phone a certain amount of time?

It raises a LOT of questions that we better get some answers to soon.
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