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I'm obsessed with Yahoo Answers.

You can ask and answer questions. After a couple days the person who asked can pick the best answer, and you get more points. I have 16/93 best answers, out of the questions i've posted an answer. 17%, which is pretty good i think! Most people just leave some bullshit answer and don't even try. I do haha. So this is the last Best answer i got.

This was the question -

  • Why doesn't god make it easy to believe he is real?
    It frustrates me that if there is a god that he doesn't just prove he is real by talking out of the sky like in the bible. Why didnt he just create the earth and all the people on it and let everyone know he is the creator and that he knows each one of us by speaking to us individually. Anyone else wish god would just prove himself? It also makes me think that when someone is labelled a "believer" it seems like a foolish name like "gulliable" to me the word believer suggests someone believes something thats not real. Why have believers and non believers? It would be easier for god to just prove himself and have followers and non followers.

  • This is my Answer:

One reason would be that he's not "real" and people made him up. Think of how kids believe in Santa.

Two, would be he's waiting to give us proof.

Three, there was proof but its been hidden or covered up. Think of all the book burnings and how Pharaohs would remove all evidence of anyone that came before them (sometimes)

Your belief in something doesn't make it real just as much as your dis-belief in something makes it not real.It also depends on which "god" you mean - there are literally thousands to choose from.

I think it's best to come up with your own interpretation that makes sense to you personally - cause no one else has ever been able to come up with evidence to convince everyone else. I like to think of "God" as a word that describes all life, all the good things in it, and "love." I dont think it's an invisible man in the clouds who created us, just to test us and ignore us, then judge us one what we've done, and send us to eternity in happiness or hell. Sometimes when something doens' t make sense, it's cause it.. doesn't.
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