Bee's are cool. They are possibly the most noble animal on earth, and not nearly as scarry as they are made out to be. First of all, they dont want to sting you. If they do - then they die themselves. Which is why they are so noble, they have to be. With them, it really is an eye for an eye. It's the perfect device for a member of a hive-society. I wish humans were like that, it would be like forced Jesus on everyone - do unto others as they would do unto you. If you kill them, then you instantly die.

So I went out to run and get a red bull, and although there are always a few bees flying around my yard - today there were quite a few more. I opened the gate right when the gardeners happend to be there, I turned around and was like - wow! Thats a lot of bees. I told them to just come back next week - the gardeners, not the bees. They can stay for now.

Another interesting thing about bee's isn't them, themselves, but what they make for us. I heard that their honey, pollen, and whatever else they make can provide all the nutrition the human body needs. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to go to the grocery store, but just get everything you need from you back yard bee hive? But that would bee too easy,

Food companies would go out of business, people would get skinnier and healthy - doctors and medical companies would bee pissed, and well, money is more important than anything else these days.

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