Why I dont eat meat.

This video shows what happens to millions of chickens every day. And it's not half as bad as what they do to cows, pigs, and other animals. If they don't gas them like they do here, they throw them in a grinding machine while they are still alive.

I stopped eating meat about 2 years ago. I think it's wrong and people are totally ignorant about it. They don't really understand that what's on their plate is a dead carcase of an innocent animal. When I say that I dont eat meat, almost everyone i've ever told says: "OH i couldn't' give up steaks, they taste too good!"

So it's like the pleasure someone gets out of killing an animal - justifies it? What if someone started eating you, and they're like - oh sorry i can't stop, you taste too good~~!?

Everyone who loves their burgers better pray that the Hindus aren't right and god is a cow!! hahahahha

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