Mini Mee

I found these on a DVD with old pictures on it. A big theme to my life has been animals. Here you can see me with a balooga, which i'm as white as, and elephant, and a Duck. I was on a horse before i was on a bike.

I've also had just about every kinda pet possible. Hampsters, mice, rats, pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, a ferret, snakes, turtles, salamanders, toads, hermit crab, dogs of course, cats, horses, goat, budgies, rabits, guinie pigs.

I never realized how spoiled i was until i got a lot older. When you're young, you dont know anything but your own life. This is the house where I mostly grew up. It was on a hill overlooking a 9 achre avacado orchard. I didn't just have a back yard, I had a forest. When my parents bought it, it was 200k. Now it's 3 million. Too bad they didn't keep it. It's made out of Adobe bricks.

This is a weird coincidence. The front of the house had three huge windows. Look familiar?

I was also born in Big Bear, and my last name is Bair, once spelled Bear.

Leonardo Da Vinci's name means, Leonardo from Vinci, the town of Vinci.

Get it? hahahaha

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