I have a theory. I actually have many, but I think i should start posting them so the world can be entertained by my intellectual insanity. They could be like, the new E=mc2, or just irrelevant ramblings. I never know.

Today I would like to write about Genetics. DNA. Evolution ETC.

My theory is loosely called: Hybridized Chimeraism: and how it could account for unexplained advancements in evolution.

First I should start out by explaining the basics you should know before I get to my “theory”

After the birds and bees bring the sperm and egg together, they combine and form a single cell. This cell soon divides, into two, and so on. Those cells eventually change into other types of cells - skin cells, brain cells, finger nail cells, etc. And about 9 months later you get a baby.

Well, sometimes, and without a known reason, when the cells are first dividing they get confused and start to separate. Instead of the cells staying together and changing into a fetus, they separate and then each separate set of cells turns into individual, identical fetuses = which makes identical twins. How many times that happens = 3 times: triples. 4 times: Quadruplets. Etc.

Each twin is the exact genetic copy of each other.

Sometimes, rarely, while the two twins are separating they kinda stop, and get stuck together. If it's only a arm/leg/whatever you get Siamese twins. This can happen to both identical twins and fraternal twins. So basically the fetuses got too close together, too soon, and stick together. Sometimes it's just a little flap of skin that can be cut off, and they can be separated. Sometimes they are really really combined and can't be separated because they share the same vital organs. There are even some who are joined at the head and share the same brain cavity.

Anyways, Fetus in Fetu is even more bizarre than identical twins, or Siamese twins. Early on one twin gets WAY too close to the other and gets trapped inside it's brother or sister. Then 9 months later it seems like there is only one baby coming out, but there is really two. You just can't see the other one because it's trapped inside it’s twin…

Fetus in Fetus: is very rare, or maybe not. It depends on how big the twin inside you is, and if it's noticeable. It could be the size of a pea, or a pear, or a baseball. How would you know unless you’ve had an MRI?

One way would be if it kept growing up with you. There was a boy in some southern country who started to get a really big belly. The parents just thought he was getting a little tubby, but eventually they could tell something was wrong so they took him to the doctor. After they realized it was some kind of tumor they removed it and were surprised to find that it wasn't a tumor - but his twin, trapped inside his own body - hence: Fetus in Fetu: Being "Pregnant" with your own twin.

They say that 10% or more of all of us were twins, but our little brothers and sisters were re-absorbed really early on. Twins, and triplets (Or more) make me think of litters. Most animals have more than one baby at a time, some have hundreds (like fish) some have thousands (like insects) but most advanced mammals only have a couple. I think it's strange that the more advanced an animal is, the less offspring it has. Apes, Dolphins, Elephants - all usually only have a single baby at a time, rarely two or more.

Ok so that’s fetus in fetu.

Chimaeraism is even more freaky! Ok, so to fully appreciate it you have to hear how it was discovered. Obviously DNA testing and genetics are a very new science. They didn't know what it was until recently. Now it's used regularly to determine ancestry, and parenthood. Especially in cases for child-support and when the validity of parenthood is in question. A relatively simple dna test can tell you who's who's daddy.

For some legal, welfare, whatever reason a woman had to be tested to make sure her children were really her's. I think they thought she was using them to get welfare? Why she had to be tested is besides the point, the point is that the test showed that she WAS NOT the mother of her children. Obviously the court thought she was a fraud and lying. She obviously thought there was a problem with the DNA test because those babies came out of her! She was there, she should know.

Synchronicity was on her side and another mother was faced with the same circumstance. For whatever reason she was tested against her son and the test showed she wasn't the mother BUT it did show that other members of her family were... How could that happen? Studies were done, more tests were taken, theories were formed, theories were tested and confirmed.

Both mothers were chimeras! You might have heard the word before, a chimera was a monster with a goats head and snakes body. Two animals in one.

I'm sure you could only imagine the idea of having your own kids being taken away from you based on a dna test - which was suppose to be 100% accurate, but had to be completely wrong - right?

Ok, so what happened is similar to fetus in fetu, BUT instead of the twin getting stuck inside its brother or sister, it COMBINES with its brother or sister... What happened with these two women was that their fraternal twins’ cells took the place of some of their own.

So the women's skin cells were her own, and made from her DNA. Her Heart was her own, and made form her own DNA. BUT other organs were made from her twins DNA. So her ovaries, which made her eggs, which made her kids, weren't really made from her DNA but from her twins.... crazy huh? So their kids were really, genetically speaking their nieces and nephews... and not really their sons and daughters!

If that wasn't enough, there is a case that’s even MORE intriguing. What if this were to happen with a boy and girl set of twins? You get a hermaphrodite, one was born with ovaries and testicles... there are even some born that literally have a line going down the center of their stomach with one skin color on one side, and another on the other, sometimes in patches or checker-like markings.

Genetics are very cool! Mind freaking, but cool.

Now that you know what a Chimera is, I still have to explain hybridization before I can get to my theory.

Hybridization is when two species breed and make a hybrid baby. A horse and zebra= Zorse. I knew a lady in Big Bear that used to breed them. There are also whales and dolphins -Wolphin. Polar bear and Grizzly Bear. Mice and Rats. and probably the most iconic the MULE which is a horse and a donkey.

Plants can do the same thing, and that’s where we get most of our modern vegetables. Corn started off as something totally different until it was combined with another type of plant.

Since the advent of gene-splicing we've been able to take the genes out of all kinds of plants and animals and put them in all kinds of other plants and animals. Making florescent rabbits that glow in the dark from the genes of jelly fish. Human genes being put into pigs, to harvest valves..

The most interesting application i've hear of has been with spiders and goats. Spider web is worth it’s weight in gold, it's stronger than steel and very light. If it could be manufactured in large quantities it could be used for almost anything - bullet proof suites, building materials etc. It's the future. But the problem is, it takes a lot of spiders to get a lot of web, and spiders eat each other and it's just not feasible to do that. SO what they did was put some spider DNA into the boobies of goats. So when the goats make milk, the milk essentially has the stuff needed to make spider web..

I'm not making this up!

Apparently DNA is common between everything with DNA or it wouldn't be able to be combined. The actual DNA itself is just information. You could think of it as the building blocks of life.

Say you have Cement, Steel, and Wood to build a house. You could use the combination to build all kinds of different houses, but you're still using cement, steel, and wood. You could take some from one house, and use it to re-build another, even if the house was completely different - the stuff it's made out of is the same. It's the same with DNA.

SO, although a spider and a goat breeding is physically impossible for obvious reasons, it's not impossible for their DNA to combine. It's very possible, it just requires certain circumstances.

Now when you consider animals that could physically breed you run into a lot of problems. Size, reciprocity, attraction, and a thousand other variables. A cat and dog could potentially mate and have a cog (haha) but their sexual parts aren't very compatible, let alone their personalities and all that stuff.

It's actually very possible that a human and a chip could hybridize. It would be called a Humanzee and both Stalin and Hitler entertained the idea. They wanted to create ape/men soldiers but thankfully weren't able to. No one else has ever admitted to trying, for moral reasons, but there have been some people who claimed that it's already happened. I would bet it has. Big Foot? haha, but seriously if someone were to have an ape baby, what would you do with it? Kill it, keep it, or let it go. Anyways i'm getting totalllly off subject.

ok so now I can get to my Hybridized chimerizm theory.

This can best be explained in an example everyone is familiar with.

So you have a Chihuahua, and you have a Rottweiler. Although it's difficult they could potentially mate. But it would have to be a daddy Chihuahua and a mommy Rottweiler cause a mommy Chihuahua is too small to give birth to Rottweiler sized puppies.

So the two of them mate, and you get Chihuahua-Rottweiler hybrids right? It'll basically be the two parents combined into one. The puppies would be smaller than a Rottweiler, bigger than a Chihuahua, the colors a combination of both, or maybe taking after the mom or dad more - it's hard to say. But the point is that they hybridized. Although it’s not technically “hybridizing” because they are the same species, I’m just using it as an example. The same could be applied to a mouse and rat, or dolphin and whale.

Remember what I said about litters? Dogs usually have 2-8 in a litter, so the chances for my theory are increased as the number of eggs that are released to be fertilized (# of pups in a litter)

If this wasn't complicated enough, there is yet another condition to consider. Multiple inseminations, by multiple male mates... Animals in heat will pretty much get it from anyone and everyone they can. Lets say when the mom was in heat, she was around 5 different male dogs (shitsu, poodle, whatever)- she would mate with all of them, multiple times. That’s just what they do - cats are even worse, there will literally be a line of male cats waiting their turn behind a girl in heat... So what happens is they get a lot of different sperm from different sources competing for different eggs. Some of the puppies and kitties in the litter will actually only be half brothers and sisters.

So you could have a Rottweiler/Chihuahua come out, a Rottweiler/shitzu, a Rottweiler/poodle - whatever dad's sperm reached an egg.

So lets say the Mom Rottweiler releases 6 eggs. and they are fertilized by different dad dogs. 3 are Chihuahua, 2 are poodle, and 1 is a shitzu.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Remember Chimerism? The goat with the snakes’ tail?

How about a Rottweiler/ poodle with a shitzu/ Rottweiler’s head? It could happen, and my theory is that it has.

In the same way that a person’s twin can become different parts of the whole, the same could happen with other species that are hybridizing.

I'm not talking about Dogs, it was just an example. I'm talking about _____ and ______. Two species similar enough to breed/ hybridize/ and by "chance" were chimeritized (hahaha im just making up words now)

I think it would happen more with animals that had a lot of offspring at once. If there is only one egg released it couldn't happen.

It's essentially huge leaps in evolution taking place in the womb in a single generation vs. slowly through many.

Say there is a group of one type of bear. A bear that would someday evolve to be a polar bear. It would take a lot of generations for there to be huge changes within that particular species. BUT if you were to introduce another species of bear, which hybridized with the other group of bears – there would be huge changes in a single generation.

It's also very likely that egg laying animals, especially those underwater could have the same thing happen outside the womb. In a stream, or ocean, or lake, you have a lot of different animals/fish/ amphibians/ laying their eggs in the same areas. If two different species of fish laid their eggs close to each other, it's possible that they could somehow be pushed together and combine - forming a hybrid species. But since they would be combined at different times of development, it could lead to chimerizm. Some of the offspring could have parts from not only different parents, but different species - 4 different parents with 1 offspring.. potentially.

I've believed in evolution for a while now, because it's so obvious, you can see it. From wolf to bulldog in a few hundred years – not to mention the other hundreds of species of dogs. It can happen quickly with guidance. But when I look at nature and see so many different species, which obviously came from a common ancestor, I wonder how they got so different, so fast.

I couldn't see how a mammal goes from living on land, to losing its legs and developing protective underwater lenses through random selection. Over long periods of time, something just doesn't add up for me.

I have another idea/theory that I think, if true, would explain evolution and the variety of life a lot better than how we currently think of it. If you think of Darwin’s finches, on the Galapagos islands and how there were different varieties, with different beaks, suited for different foods, it makes you wonder how they just, eventually, evolved that way. After thousands or millions of years, a single bird just happened along with a beak that’s perfect for a certain type of food? Then it was at SUCH an advantage that it dominated its gene pool?

Before people understood dna they thought changes happened from generation to generation through physical changes. They thought an ancestor of a giraffe kept stretching its neck to reach leafs in trees - and it got longer, then its babies had longer necks. Which is like saying that if your dad worked out and was a weight lifter, you would be born bigger. But we later learned about DNA and found that to be, not true. Or so they thought..

But, here's something else to think about. A female’s eggs are there at birth and they have a certain number of them. They don’t change. But a male's sperm is constantly being re-generated daily, by the minute right?

Is the sperm you make when you're 13 exactly the same as when you're 50? Does it change?

Are all sperm the same? If they are just little guys taking your dna, and transferring it to an egg. And an egg is just your dna being combined with a sperm. Then why are brothers and sisters with the same parents different?

Shouldn't they be exactly the same? Why aren't they? Does that mean each sperm is unique? Each egg is different from the next?

I think that if, and when a males’ DNA is altered, or changed, or influenced throughout their life, that change can be transferred to their offspring. This idea speeds up evolution exponentially.

I read that smoking cigs can alter the dna in your lungs. I'm not sure if it causes it to mutate, or if the tobacco’s dna combines with it, but somehow it's altered. Does that mean that when new sperm is made, it reflects the altered condition of the dna in the man's lungs?

There is a documented case of a kidney transplant that changed the recipients blood type. If that were a male, would the sperm after the transplant transfer his original blood type, or would it be that of the new, changed blood type? His dna would have been changed, but would that change also be conveyed through his sperm? Again, is the DNA updated throughout his life?

We know that radiation can mutate DNA. It causes it to degrade, or change. These changes are usually bad (Birth defects) but does that mean that change is transferred to the production of new sperm?

I guess the question is, when your balls are making your sperm - where do they get their information from? How do they compact the dna information from your whole body, into one little spermie? Or does each cell have the info for the entire body? And if that’s true, then if the info changes in one part - does that affect the whole, and does that whole get re-coded, and then transmitted via sperm?

I need to make a chart.

I'm really starting to confuse myself now. I'm literally scratching my head. hmmmm

so yeah, that’s my

HYBRIDIZED CHIMERIZM theory, and it's relation to rapid advancements in Evolution.
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