Boy on a String

The marionetter has your number
Pulling your arms and legs till you cant stand on your own
Dragging your conscience on the stage
And your heart gets rearranged
And you cannot tell your mentor from your maker
Look at the crowds bleeding with laughter
Over the way you entertain at beckon call
They dont see behind the lights, or the painted backgrounds
They just like to see you fall

But you dont really mind
Cause youre just wasting time
You cant feel anything
Youre a boy on a string

I feel a sadness like gapetto
Watching the life that he created run away
Seeing the puppeteers intrusion,
And holding the remains of puppets that had rotted away
One day the curtain will not open
And all of the crowds will go away
Someday those strings will choke you, but until that day

Well you wont really mind
And youre just wasting time
You dont feel anything
Youre a boy on a string

boy on a string
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