The Shroud of Turin - By Da Vinci or Jesus?

I just happened across a blog about the shroud of turin that I had left a comment on a few months back. Although i'm not the first to say that Da Vinci created the shroud of turin, I have found some new pretty compelling evidence.
For those who dont know what the shroud of turin is, it's suppose to be the single most studied human artifact. When Jesus was crusified and later buried, they wrapped a cloth around him. This cloth was supposidly saved and preserved for 2000 or so years.

Obviously there really would have been a cloth that Jesus was buried with. It could have gotten some of his blood on it, in the shape of his face and body, and bones. But that's not the divine part.
The shroud has 3d properties to it, it's essentially a 3 dimentional photograph. *This isn't my claim, this is what the people who have studied it found* I don't doubt this at all, it's obvious there are photographic/3d properties to it when it's inverted. (the blue version on the images above)

So, back to the blog post. I just made a comment that the shroud of turin was created by da vinci and it aligned / combined with his drawing: The Vitruvian man. Like I said i'm not the only one who's claimed Da Vinci created the Shroud of Turin, I just found that it combined with one of his drawings. NOt only that but it does some pretty interesting things when it's mirrored on itself. The same type of things that Da Vinci's art does. - hence I think Da Vinci created it.

Leonardo was also friend with the Royal family of TURIN - (Shroud of TURIN remember) so he had access to it.
The other people who think Da VInci created the shroud of turin, have shown that Da VInci was fully capable of creating the 3d effect on the shroud with the supplies he had in his time. I've found the same 3d properties in the mona lisa and his other art so I have no doubts of his potential to create the shroud.
So here's the controversy! In response to the comment i posted the blogger said it was impossible that Da Vinci created the Shroud because it was documented - to have existed in the 1350's. Since Da Vinci wasn't around until the 1500's it's IMPOSSIBLE that he created the shroud - Right? My theory (along with many others) is not valid.

Well, lets think about it! There is a piece of cloth with the spiritual impression of Jesus on it - which obviously would have had to originate in 32 ad or so - when Jesus died. Then it's documented in 1350.
By documented that means people said they found a cloth with Jesus's image on it. This cloth later goes on to become legendary and considered to be the actual cloth that Jesus was buried with.
It's considered to be valid because it's kinda magical - or devine. When Jesus was ressurected he must have "phased" through the cloth, and what was left behind was this 3d/ photographic blood stain.

This is such an amazing thing (it really is, especially from thousands of years ago) that it must be devine - right. It's "Proof" of Jesus's devinity - because the image on the cloth is SO complicated it couldn't have been created by anyone or anything but Jesus's soul 2000 years ago.
This is where the controversy lies. Its so divine, it must be real. This is a case where science confirms the divinity - which is really another word for complicated.
We have no way to explain how this was created, so it's a miracle from God.
But like with everything else there are two sides. There are people who don't believe in Jesus's devinity. So this leads to asking questions and trying to figure out how it could have really gotten there - without the explanation of simply saying "it's a Miracle."
If it wasn't just - boom there's a negitive of Jesus's soul on this piece of cloth.. how did it get there?
There are then two sides. Miracle vs Science. The miracle side say that, well it doesn't require an explanation it's God's work.

The science side breaks it down layer by layer and examin what the impression is made out of, how it could have gotten there and explain it as if it were a 3d photograph on a cloth, made out of weird chemicals similar to those used in photography. But 3D.
Obviously that's an amazing feat from 2000 years ago. 3d pictures on cloth? Must have been God.
So eventually at some point, someone thought that Da Vinci could have created it. He definitely had the knowledge required. (Smartest man of all time) and even proved he could via his other art, via the camera obscura, and other scientists prooved the things required to create it - the chemicals and stuff were available.
Here's where I come in. I start on all this da Vinci stuff, i see 3d images in his art, i try to explain how i saw them, how he created them etc. I read his note books, I look at all his paintings and art - I start to think like him, i start to see like him. It's obvious i'm onto something with everything i've noticed.
I had remembered watching a show about the Shroud of Turin years back and hearing Da Vinci's name being mentioned as a theory for it's creation. So that was already in my head. THEN after I began to work on mirroring Da Vinci's art on itself I noticed something I had seen before. In the Last Supper, above Jesus's head there was what looked like an upside down skull.
I was like, i've seen that somewhere! But I didnt' remember where. Another painting i had seen of Jesus holding a crystal ball reminded me of it too. Then one day when i was researching Da Vinci I came across a site that said he created the shroud of Turin, and I finally remembered! It was the shroud of turin!
The shroud is really long, and has the front of Jesus's body on the bottom, and the back of his body on the top (depending on how you look at it of course) So if you're looking at the front of jesus' body, you see his back side starting from the top of his head -but UPSIDE DOWN.
That was the connection that started me on my own "investigations" into the shroud and Da Vinci. After working with the shroud in photoshop, like I had with Da Vinci's art I noticed it had all the same characteristics. It became even more clear when mirrored on itself - just like the Vitruvian man. There were even symbols, one of which was a cross that formed on his chest. It looked very strange, as if it were intended to be seen that way - like i've seen in da vinci's art.
SO, I didn't create the idea myself, but I was confirming those who had - The Shroud of Turin was created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Back to why my theory is impossible!
Well, since the cloth was documented to have been in existence in 1350's - and Da Vinci was from hundreds of years later. It's absolutly impossible he created it, right?

"Created" .. hmm. So lets think about it. We're talking about a piece of cloth. A particular piece of cloth that's 2000 years old. It's got a picture of Jesus on it. It had to have been around since Jesus died, it was still around in 1350, and it's still around today.
  • During that time, it couldn't have been altered?

  • During that time, it couldn't have been replaced with a different cloth?
  • How do we know that the cloth mentioned in 1350 is the one we see today?
  • How do we know that it's the same cloth Jesus was buried with?

The shroud gets it's name because of the Royal family of TURIN> Like i said Leonardo was friends with them so he definitely had access to this cloth. Obviously the shroud that touched Jesus would be very valuable. People bow down and worship mummified saint fingers - so imagine how cool a 3d/ photographic, devine shroud from Jesus himself would be? It could even be considered "Proof" of his devinity. So, anyone giving any kind of other explanation wouldn't be accepted.
So here's what I think happened!
The Royal family of turin was like, hey Da Vinci - you're like a really good painter. We have this cloth that people believe Jesus was buried with and has a picture of him on it. Could you make it a little more believable? - cause right now people are getting smarter and can tell it's not real.
So Da Vinci is like - well sure! So he takes takes the cloth and uses his knowledge of photography and 3d to make something SO advanced it wouldn't be able to be understood for hundreds of years. BUT, he also provides clues that he created it, and that it's not really real. Because he is no liar. "A good artist uses lies to tell the truth" He essentially signs it within the process itself. The mirroring, the style, the symbols - are all totally Da Vinci's.
For those who say that the Shroud is too advanced for Da Vinci. Please. The Mona Lisa is so advanced that no one is going to believe it. But she is 3d, and she is like a photograph. Da Vinci used mirroring to hide images - Last Supper, and others. So there is all the proof you need that he was capable to create the Shroud. The difference being is that the shroud is on cloth, instead of canvas or paper. (huge difference? not really)

But here's what urkes me. People who insist on what they want to be true - must be true. Just because they believe it's so. Anything that goes against this is wrong, it must be wrong - or else they would be wrong. And they CANT be wrong, why? Because it challenges their faith, because their faith is who and what they are. There is an emotional attachment. Denial plays a very big part, ignorance even more so.
Now you might assume i'm some kind of scientific educated skeptic, who wouldn't accept anything on faith or automatically dissmisses anything religious. That is not the case.
Actually, I used to be a "born again christian" for a long time. From 9-14 yo. I beleived in God, I believed that Jesus was his son on earth, and our savior. I got it.

In high school I wrote 2 papers about Evolution vs Creation being taught in school. My stand was anti evolution and pro-creation. While I was researching I remember going to the pro-creation web sites and the evolution web sites - reading the books and everything. But then afterwards thinking to myself - wait. The arguments for pro-creation dont make sense at all. The earth is less than 8000 years old and all of humanity, and it's animals came from a single boat (source). We're all inbred, jewish, and all the MILLIONS/ Billions of species of animals on earth stemmed from the ones that Noah fit on a single boat? - huh?

Noah had an African and Asian and Forest Elephant on the boat? And a Cobrah, and a rattle snake, and every kind of parrot and insect and horse and zebra and hippo and wolf???? Lions and tigers and bears? All of them? 2 of every kind! even?
So, despite the reason and logic I had inside me, i denied all that and wrote my papers being pro creation.
As i got older, and more and more educated I began to allow for new possibilities. As I got older i realized, that there are religious people who believed in some form of evolution. But then there are still those who honestly think the earth is 8000 years old. Even though there are pyramids dated to 10,000 bc, and fossils from 100's of thousands of years ago, and some in the millions. And honestly, I think they are ignorant, uneducated idiots. Why? Because I was one of them.

Like I said - I get it. I understand that you can't believe anything BUT WHAT YOU"RE TOLD TO BELIEVE. You can't believe in evolution or else you dont believe in creation, and that means you don't beleive in God - and that means you're a bad person and you're going to hell.
It's a fear thing. You can't admit you might be wrong. You can't believe anything else or else you're immoral.

There could be thousands of facts, fossils, dna, archeology, studies, tests, proofs VS your own single belief. But those are all made up lies - Blasphamies - and only you and your beliefs are right. No exceptions. Right?
It couldnt be that evolution is the explantion for how an intelligent force (GOD) created the earth. No, that's not what you've been told to beleive. There is a single book that has all the answers and everything else is a big facade.
My inturpretation of the bible says the earth could only possibly be 8000 years old. Millions of years is impossible. All the layers and fossils on earth - are... well. They are wrong! They are... not real! Someone made it up.

I mean seriously! It's so strange! It's your own personal belief or it's wrong. That's all there is to it. If there's anything that challenges that belief you must cover your eyes, plug your ears, and speak no evil.
SO, yeah. I've thought about it a lot. I've considered both sides. I've considered God, and i've considered a lack of God. And you know what, I dont know. I dont know who knows. I dont know who doesn't, I dont know who's right, I dont know who's wrong.
I do know that your belief in something doesn't make it real, just as much as it doesn't make it fake. I know there have been thousands of different religions, and thousands of different versions of Christianity alone. I also know that each person on earth has a slightly different belief.

Which is right? Which is wrong? I dont really care. I dont have any personal beleifs. Is there a God? - which God? Which religions' inturpretation of God? Is he a giant-invisible-MAN-in the sky watching and judgeing every single thing we do? (even though he already knows you're going to do it before you do?) Or is he - everything and nothing at the same time? Is he, a she? Does sex have anything to do with it? Does he care? Why does he want men to be in control of women?

I used to think I had to pick a side. I'm either a christian, or i'm going to hell. I have to believe in what i'm told to believe in, or nothing else. Everything is black and white. You must choose your side! Bad or Good. I've gone back and forth, but it wasn't until I realized no one really knows. I have to come up with my own beliefs, because no one else's really make sense to me. They seem pretty stupid.

I mean to keep the same beliefs about humanity from people who burned "Witches" thought the earth was flat, and kept slaves - come on. We need to learn from our mistakes and not keep making them over and over. It's funny that it's the christians that seem to be the most un-christ like in the world. Thinking they are better than everyone else, going to war over it, killing over it, and casting a lot more than stones.

So yeah. The only thing I have faith in is the truth - whatever that may be. And the belief that I can find it, and the sureness that no one else has come close - besides Jesus himself!

Oh and on a final note. The people who have the shroud won't allow any further tests to be done. hmmmm wonder why?
There is no such thing as a mystery, it's just something that hasnt' YET been explained.

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