Einstein: The Autism Connection

For those who haven't read my book, I theorize that Da Vinci had autism as well. In my next re-write i'm developing my own theory/ label for the condition that allows for these autistic people to be so gifted.

Basically trying to answer the question - What makes someone genius?

Nature/ Nurture/ Brain/ Education.

It's going to be called DBS, Distracted Brilliance Syndrome. It's like OCD, Autism, savant / all those mysterious brain abnormalities that can either disable someone or cause extreme levels of advancement with the right focus.

One thing they didn't mention in this video that I remember about Einstein that supports that he had autism was the size of his brain. When he died they examined it and it was larger than average. People with autism usually have a larger brain/ skull than normal too.

As for me, I've noticed that i've become a recluse lately. Like it said about Einstein in the video, there are certain points in my life where i need to be alone. I just can't stand to be around other people - especially when i'm trying to work on something.

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