The Portrait of Salai - New Painting by Da Vinci

SOOOO Just as I posted that last entry I checked my email and I had a message from someone asking if i wanted to buy a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.. Guess which one it was?

The Portrait of Salai! (the one to the far left)

Talk about a coincidence!

Attached to the email was a certificate saying that Leonardo Da Vinci painted it!!! As far as I know, that's not common knowledge, or accepted. I've never seen that in any one of my dozens of Da Vinci books. On wikepedia it said that it was painted by an "unknown artist"

I obviously assumed Da Vinci painted it since it combines with the Mona Lisa, but apparently I was right! or just didn't research it enough??

Either way it's momentous for me!

Also coincidental was the Movie I watched last night. It was called F for Fake by Orson wells. it was about the greatest art forger Elmyr de Hory. Elmyr could create paintings that even the original artist couldn't tell if it was a fake or the real one.

The movie was trying to show that "experts" are fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things. After all who's to say who's right and wrong? Someone is only right, if we believe they are right. But that doesn't mean they really are does it?

It's suppose to be "confirmed by experts" that the Mona Lisa is really Lisa Giocondo,

"All doubts as to the identity of the Mona Lisa are eliminated (by) one source,"

But yet, if i'm right - and i'm no expert - that would mean that they are wrong (or at least partly wrong) Who would be the expert then? I dont think there should be experts or laymen - but truth and people working together to figure out what the truth really is. Not arguing about who's right and who's opinions or beliefs are wrong.

Wouldn't it be crazy if this 24 year old who doesn't really know much about art at all - end up unraveling it's greatest mystery of all? I really think thats what i've done, without even intending to. I just followed the advice Da Vinci gave in his journals and everything fell into place. I understand it as the "tree of knowledge" but i'll get into that another time.

I think a lot of the struggles I've faced in getting what I've found "out there" isn't that I'm right or wrong - but that people will want me to be wrong - even if i am actually, right.

But actually - I've definitely had more encouragement and affirmation than anything else. I just dont think i've gotten what i've found noticed by the right people yet - help!

& to quote Carl Jung from his book Synchronicity that I'm reading -

"The experiences in question are not ready to hand. We must therefore look in the obscurest corners and summon up courage to shock the prejudices of our age if we want to broaden the basis of our understanding of nature. When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter with his telescope he immediately came into head-on collision with the prejudices of his learned contemporaries. Nobody knew what a telescope was and what it could do. Never before had anyone talked of the moons of Jupiter.
Naturally every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so.
HOW OFTEN HAVE WE NOT SEEN THE TRUTH CONDEMNED! It is sad but unfortunately true that man learns nothing from history. "


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