Mona Lisa's true Identity

The Mona Lisa is all over the news yet again. This time because someone found a piece of paper that said the model for the "Mona Lisa' was Lisa del Giocondo. This was already assumed because of what Vassari claimed in his Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. He said he painted her in 1503-1506 and left it unfinished but never gave it to her. Instead he carried it with him until he died in 1519.

Well. here's some things to consider which I've already explained in my book that dont refute that he painted Lisa Giocondo BUT that she's not the person we see today.

First the painting was x-rayed and found to have 3 other paintings hidden underneath the top coat. Obviously the paintings underneath are older, but we dont know what they are or when they were painted. I do think that Da Vinci painted Lisa Giocondo but subsequently covered her portrait up with the one we see today.

I also beleive she was used for her name - as a clue. Lisa Giocondo is almost identical to Salai Giacomo - Da Vinci's Lover and assistant. His name is also hidden in the title MONA LISA=Mon Salai. Which means my salai in french. Salai is also the most used named in all of Da Vinci's journals.

Salai Giacomo - painted in 1495 by an unknown painter (I think Da Vinci did)

Another interesting problem with the sitter we see being Lisa Giocondo is that Da Vinci's only known self portrait aligns perfectly with the face of the woman in the painting. Why would his face do this with Lisa's? Obviously he would have had to design it specifically for this to happen.

AND something that no one else knows which is the basis of my book is this:

The painting of Salai from 1495 also combines perfectly with the face of the Mona Lisa. This proves that it would have HAD to been used in the design and execution of the Mona Lisa. How else could two different paintings combine perfectly that were painted 10 years apart? Not to mention the name game - Salino (another form of Salai's name)= ona lisa. Mona Lisa = Mon Salai. Lisa Giocondo, Salino Giacomo. Like I said this is a big part of my book and I explain all of this in detail and give some pretty undeniable proof that all of this was Da Vinci's intent.

There is a lot more to it than this. But you'll have to read my book for that!

Some of one of the articles:

"The discovery by a Heidelberg University library manuscript expert appears to confirm what has long been suspected. It is also an answer that has been in plain view for centuries: the Mona Lisa is known as La Gioconda in Italian.

Del Giocondo was first named as the likeness in the painting by Italian writer Giorgio Vasari in 1550, who also dated the work at between 1503 and 1506, the university said.
But because Vasari relied on anecdotal evidence, there was always doubts about the identification, and Leonardo is not known to have made any notes about the model's identity himself."

"All doubts as to the identity of the Mona Lisa are eliminated (by) one source," the university said.
The discovery was actually made in 2005, but was not widely known until a German radio station last week aired it in a report.

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