This is my neurotic dog Spencer attacking her new ball. She is obsessed with it. She didn't eat for two days because she couldn't stand to be away from it. She also got a bone and couldn't decide which she liked better, so she decided to sit on her ball, and chew her bone at the same time. She's 11, but is crazy as ever. Australian Cattle dogs (her breed) has the record for longest lived dog, 29 years !- They are very loyal dogs and will never, EVER, leave your side. She also has to sleep on the bed with me. And if i'm sitting at my desk, she has to have her head on my foot or the chair. My previous dog was a cattle dog too, but only lived to 13. Poor Casey.

Spencer is REALLY Smart. She knows:

  1. Sit
  2. Gimme Five
  3. Look Back
  4. Turn Around
  5. Roll over
  6. BANG (She plays dead)
  7. Jump
  8. Bark
  9. Stay

And understands

  1. Walk (we have to spell it out w-a-l-k, or she goes nuts)
  2. Bzzz (she chases flies)
  3. Ball
  4. Greenie - it's a treat
  5. No, bad spencer
  6. Go to bed
  7. Good girl!

She's really nice to me, but gets jealous really easy. If someone tries to sit next to me, or hug me, she'll get between us. If someone moves to fast around me, or hits me - she'll instantly attack them.

And that's a little about my Dog, Spencer.

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