Monkey Brain

WOW. Look at that guy! I wouldn't want to mess with him. He'd kick my ass
Before I randomly found this video I read an article about Chimps.
It says that chimps were scoring higher in memory tests than humans! I'm impressed, that they can actually tell the difference between the different numbers. A lot of people don't realize how intelligent some animals really are. There are birds that know almost 2000 words, a gorilla that can use sign language, and elephants that can paint. That's more than a vast majority of humans in this world!
"Three adult female chimps, their three 5-year-old offspring, and university student volunteers were tested on their ability to memorise the numbers 1 to 9 appearing at random locations on a touchscreen monitor.

The chimps had previously been taught the ascending order of the numbers. Using an ability akin to photographic memory, the young chimps were able to memorise the location of the numerals with better accuracy than humans performing the same task."
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