I'm still the Bug Whisperer

In a previous post I wrote about being the "Bug Whisperer" cause these bugs kept showing up and doing the strangest things. Maybe it's cause I don't kill bugs anymore? This was the latest and most bizarre. I walked into my bathroom and this little guy was laying on it's back, in the exact center of the lid, just wiggling there! What the hell? Maybe it's trying to tell me something, but what? I have absolutely no idea what a bug could have to say to me.

Most of the time when someone has bugs in their house you would assume it's trashy or not clean. And although I could live and thrive in complete disorder and filth, my Mom doesn't. We have a maid service, Gardner's, and even these people that come out every two weeks to spray for bugs and check rap traps in the yard! So these guys are little survivors!

And truth be told, whenever I see them running around, I just say hi and leave them alone hahaha. I feel kinda bad cause I know my Mom doesn't want them in the house, but i'm not going to be murderer! Cause i'm not a bug murderer, I am the bug Whisperer!
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