I'm "put on notice" woo hoo!

"You have used images from the National Gallery of England that you do not have permission to use, this can result in a $150.000.00 fine, You also are using information obtained from the website of www.lionardofromvinci.com / Michael W. Domoretsky and will be put on notice by The da Vinci Project, Research Group.You will be notified by The da Vinci Project, Research Group as other's have been, such as www.n2davinciandbeyond.com have been put on notice.Sincerely,The da Vinci Project, Research Group"

I got this comment today. Actually i've never been to this guys web site, nor will I for this exact reason. I had my entire book and 5 previous versions completed and printed before I even knew he existed. http://derekbair.blogspot.com/2007/05/guess-im-not-alone.html There's the blog where I first heard about him, dated May 17th 2007. I never received a response until about a month later, when he sent me an email which was written so drunk that I couldnt even understand what he was saying, then he asked me to call him to talk. When I wouldn't he sent me rude and threatening emails. THEN he said he wanted to work with me and "Take the art world by storm" When i didn't reply fast enough he sent me yet another rude email calling me "young and foolish" to which I responded "Consider this a bridge burned" and have never responded to him or his stupid comments since.

I came across what I found completely independetly, and completed 4 versions of my book before I even knew anyone was donig the same type of research. I honestly thought I was insane and kept trying to prove myself wrong for most of the past two years. I have the entire experience documented in my book. Not to mention that my site has been up this entire year with everything i've found for anyone to see.

I have printed books, aricles and reviews from over a year ago, and more proof than you could imagine that documents my entire experience down to dated files and pictures from the first night i started all this. SO if I dont stop getting harrassed by this ass hole i'm going to post all his emails so everyone else can see what i've had to deal with.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guess i'm not alone!
HA! I'm not crazy! I found this online today, this guy is figuring out the same thing! He can't get anyone to listen to him either. Interesting! I'm changing the name of my book to "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" Changing the cover, and making some slight revisions. Should be done by the start of next week. Then i'm going to try to get what i've found out there. It's time.

"What if you found the true name of the lady in the painting called" The Mona Lisa" By Leonardo da Vinci within the painting itself? What would you do? You see for the first time in over 500 years I have discovered the true name of the lady in the painting called "The Mona Lisa". Through Leonardo's theories, thoughts, reverse writing, reverse psychology and his fascination with mirrors I have figured out the process in which Leonardo da Vinci used to to create his "Pictures Within Pictures". Imagine scholars from Oxford to Harvard,and in between have examined and explained the obvious never knowing that 500 years earlier Leonardo through theories, philosophies, and knowledge of nature, life, shade and light and the creation of design knew how to make a hologram, so fine a perspective yet to be seen until today in our present time. I have figured out how this process works and am looking for advice on showing the world. I have also found various pictures among Leonardo"s works in his masterpieces such as challis"s and challis"s with angels praying in them etc. I have tried to explain my findings to news papers, TV programs and yet no one will listen, looking for some advice and help on publishing my findings. I have a limited budget and am looking for ideas on how to get my findings out there. I would be extremely grateful for any positive advise.Sincerely,Michael"
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