Fisker Hybrid

So one of my biggest and greatest dreams is to start my own car company. Obviously that's a very expensive and expansive venture. But it doesn't have to be like starting a company as big as Ford or Nissan, you can start small and build your way up.

Fisker started out as an automotive designer who worked on such cars as the BMW Z8 and some Aston Martins, one of which is my all time favorite new car the Vantage. He quit that and went to start his own company which didn't build cars from scratch but heavily modified cars that were already built. You buy a Mercedes SL or a BMW 6 Series and bring it to him and he turns it into a newly designed car, it's called Coach building. Saleen does a similar thing with Mustangs. Fiskers "gimmick" if you could call it that, was to build a designer car, like a Gucci of the automotive world. I'm not sure how well he's done but I really like his style and his company is right in Newport Beach CA. 20 min away from me.
But that's not the best part! He's working on, and almost done with his first hybrid! It's not named yet but as far as I know it's all new and not based of any other vehicle. It can go on only electric power for up to 50 miles then gets 100mpg for a 600+ mile range. It'll cost about 80k$ How cool is that? Not to mention that it's by far the most beautiful hybrid yet.
So yeah, Fisker is awesome but better watch out, once i'm rich he's going to have some competition!

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