One of the last and greatest taboos of humanity is canabalism. There seems to be an innate dissuasion against it. It's disgusting to almost everyone, it's considered savage. I think it's like the opitome of being a carnivor. But what's really interesting to me about it, is that it's something I would think only "stupid" animals would do. Most species don't eat members of their own species, if they did they would die out. A lot of that has to do with the capability to, a snake can't eat another snake thats the same size - it wouldn't fit. But why don't sharks eat each other? Do they recognize that they are the same species or is there some natural aversion for cannabalism?

It almost seems like animals dont want to eat other animals that are similar to themselves if they can help it. Whenever I see great whites circling around a ship and taking turns biting the bait they leave for them, i'm wondering why they don't just eat each other? If they are mind-less killing machines, you would think they would just eat any-and everything, but they dont eat each other? Crocodiles only eat each other if they are really hungry and one is a lot smaller than the other. I guess one reason would be that there is a danger in attacking another carnivore, it could eat you too. hmm

So last night I was watching "Planet Earth"- the jungle episode. It was showing this group of chimps that has like 150 members, and is the biggest in Africa. Now chimps are like the closest thing to humans in the animal world, they are pretty smart and mostly herbivores. So when I saw a group of them go on a mission to attack some intruding chimps from another group I could understand that. There is only so much room for so many of them. If there is too many, there wouldn't' be enough food to go around. They gotta keep the other chimps away. I get that, but what I didn't get was that after they killed one of the intruders they ate it! WTF? That's not cool! It lowered my opinion of chimps a lot. I mean to kill something with your bare hands and then rip it apart, pass it around, and eat it? Gorillas don't do that! They don't even eat meat! It's like they knew it was evil, but they did it anyways. You could just tell that they knew it was wrong by the look on their faces when they passed the meat around. You know they are thinking - "oh shit, this could be me they are eating!" but it's ok cause everyone else is doing it too - right? So if everyone else is murdering and eating each other it's ok?

I don't eat meat anymore. It's been about a year now. I think when you have the option to live without having to kill anything else to survive, you shouldn't. I mean they can take a valve from a pig and it will work in a human body! So eating a pig is like being a canibal in a way, not to mention that pigs are even smarter than dogs! I don't think many people would eat a dog - but why? What's so different between a dog and a pig? One is a little cuter than the other? It's ok to eat something that's ugly? hahaha

I just find it hard to justify eating animals. Where do you draw the line? Mammals? Birds? Fish? I think most people just ignore the fact that what they are eating was a murdered living thing.

Studies show that vegetarians actually live longer! But if you talk to most people they think that you have to eat meat or it's not healthy. People actually get defensive over eating meat, they are like "I couldn't give up steak or hamburgers" but how would we like it if some aliens came here and started cutting us up, and eating us and said "sorry i can't quit, they taste tooo good!"

So in summary, I've decided that meat is murder. Everyone would be better off, (especially the animals) if we all stopped eating meat. Money may not grow on trees, but food does.
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