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I've watched the whole season of top chef, some of the - most of the episodes more than once. Whenever they have those marathons i just kinda end up watching the whole thing. I really like reality tv, especially when there is a competition. I think it's like watching a nature show but with humans intead of animals. You get a glimpse of how the "real world" and "real people" actually are, most of the time.
Honestly I dont know anything about food. I couldn't tell you which of them "should" win, it is a cooking competition and the viewer only has the judges responses to go off of, and maybe how it looks. THen there are the guest judges that everyone idolizes, who i've never even heard of, and really couldn't care less about. Besides that Rocco Despirito guy, i like him for some reason. But I mean, come on, they aren't gods, they cook food- Big Deal.
I hate food, I hate eating. If I had the choice to just never eat again, and be healthy and look good - I would totally do it. I've never liked food. Even when I was a baby i would like vegetables and rice more than pizza and ice cream. My mom thought I was weird -duh. It's annoying, you have to do it every day! and then when you do surprise surprise you're hungry again a couple hours later! It never ends!
I recently lost 60lbs. I went down to 138lbs, my lowest before that was 150 when I used to work out everday a few years ago. I pretty much stopped eating anything but ensures and salad. Fruit and cereal and no meat at all. Unlike most people, when i'm upset I DONT eat vs eating my emotions. Now i'm gaining weight, i'm 141! I've gained 4 pounds in a week of working out! I dont have any more fat to loose, so it's only muscle to gain. Woo wooo Still working on my: "Why Weight" book, which you can preview by clicking HERE.
But back to top chef. Casey is my favorite. She's just really cool and I like what she cooks. she's not full of herself or insecure. Hung is "the best technical cook" but what does that mean? He can cut things up the fastest and knows how long to cook things? I dont know? Dale is cool too, I like him personally better than Hung. But he wasn't as consistent (according to the judges) he had a couple times where he really messed up, hung never really messed up.
One thing that really pissed me off about Hung was one episode when he was on the bottom 3. He used the excuse that no one would help him plate his food! A couple episodes before that he did the same damn thing! and he was like "well it's a competition, i'm not going to help them win" wtf? You bastard. I hate when people are hypocrites! Casey would never do that! and I dont think Dale would either. I dont know what it takes to be a cook, i don't really care either, but no matter what your profession you're still a person! And like i always say Karma is a big fat bitch. What goes around, always comes back. I guess in this case it didn't cause HUNG WON, but in the text/online voting polls, Casey had over 50% of the votes! Dale was in second, and hung only had 20%. hmmm. Who really won then?
Dancing with the stars
If it was like dancing with the stars then Casey would have won. I'm so pissed the Model guy got voted off!?! huh. he was awesome. The old vegas man should have left for sure. It's only cause no one knew who the model was, and i dont even remember his name now. The race car driver and his partner - especially his partner - are soooooo goood. damn. I don't know why, but I really really dont like the billionaire. WHen he said he had a hip replacement 7 weeks earlier, i was thinking. What an idiot!!! Yeah, lets ruin your hip to dance on tv with your tongue out. I will admit that he improved 10 fold from the first show, and i started to like him a little more, but uh. I've never liked the spice girl, the scarry one. But now I kinda do, she's good and really funny. I also really like that disney dancing girl! She's a little, i dont even have a word for it. She can dance.
Oh and since this is the first season i've watched it, i've never seen the judges. The younger guy one is sooooo freaking funny! I love him. I think he should host the show, drew is doing good but that other guy is so boring, i want to stab my eyes out when he tries to joke. But that judge always has the best things to say:
"it looks like a bull dog trying to chase a squirl!" hahahahaha
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