The Sky Is Burning

So Southern California is on fire. I could see it makingn the sky red last night and there is ash in my back yard. People are being evacuated in the cities around this area. People seem to think it's a big deal, and i'm sure if your house was going to burn down it would be. But, but, what it makes me think about isn't a fire, but how spoiled we are. It's like everyone is "oh no, FIRE!" and are scared that they might loose their homes, or in some freak accident die. and it's just a fire! I'm almost kinda glad it's happening, it shows people that the world isn't perfect and safe, and the people in charge are in charge of everything. In a day, our entire world could change. Ignorance is not bliss, in that case is it? But hey, we'll worry about it after it's too late to prevent, right?

Maybe now we'll get a small glimpse into the lives and fears of people in Iraq who live everyday in fear of bombs and bullets! It's not a fire, but a bomb! People are actually dying! And just because they aren't "American" or White, or whatever it doesnt mean they aren't alive or that their lives dont matter either.

Then there are other parts of the world where people die from starvation, let alone natural disasters. But we're happy to about our stupid lives worrying about britney spears's and what car we drive. It's so easy to forget that there are real problems in the world when there is this illusion of security. THen! There's a fire. Oh no!

Our perfectly safe world is burning.

Wake up, it's been burning slowly since we stopped caring about anyone but ourselves.
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