Screw the Iphone

For some reason I dont like the Iphone, I dont like Ipods. They are annoying. I don't like macs either. I think microsoft might have brain washed me at some point in my development on dos, playing reader rabbit or something. Whatever it is, I will never buy an apple product!!! Something always breaks on them, the battery doesn't work right, and you can't upgrade them.

But this phone, by LG. I would buy this one. It has even more features, and best of all - which I must have in a phone is a full qwert keyboard underneath. Once you have a sidekick (i've had version 1, 2, and 3) you can't really go back to one button texting. It just takes too long. Although I must say, i'm kinda over that whole manic phone upgrading compulsion that makes you want to trade in your "new" phone every 3 months.
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