Halley Berry said "That looks like my Jewish Cousin" on The Jay Leno show. They edited it out because it was anti-Semitic. He showed her a digitally altered picture of herself with a big nose. Would it be racist if they showed her a picture of her being white and she said - oh thats what my white cousin would look like? Or if they gave her Asian eyes? Or how about if they showed her a picture of what her nose used to look like before her nose job? It used to be a "black" nose! And since when do people who are anti-Semitic say that they have Jewish Cousins? I hate political correctness, it's so gay! In an episode of nip / tuck I just watched one of the crazy characters found out that she was 1/16th black and was so ashamed that she stole skin bleaching cream (She was already VERY white) and accidentally burned her face! I can't believe there are actually racist people in the world, it's just brainwashing thats been passed on from idiot to idiot over the years.

The "Preppy Killer" was arrested again, but this time for selling drugs. The first time was for strangling women. So?

These are the top 10 Searched Hybrids on AOL. Interesting that the Prius is almost in last place, but thats just because it's dated. If I had to get one of these i would go for the Altima or the Civic.

1. Honda Civic hybrid
2. Ford Escape hybrid
3. Toyota Camry hybrid
4. Toyota Highlander hybrid
5. Saturn Vue hybrid
6. Chevy Tahoe hybrid
7. Honda Accord hybrid
8. Yukon hybrid
9. Toyota Prius hybrid
10. Nissan Altima hybrid

Someone with too much time on their hands did a survey and found that Philadelphia has the most unattractive people in the United States. That's so subjective, it's just not even worth considering.

Oh and Last but definitely not least was Marie Osmond passing out on Dancing with the Stars last night! After her dance she was waiting to hear the judges comments and all of the sudden here was a loud thump, she was on the ground and they were like "ok we're going to a commercial" me and my mom just looked at each other like wtf was that?! After the commercial she was fine and laughing about it, but wow. It almost beat the girl on Americas Next top model going over backwards at her Judging.
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