Mona Lisa's Eye Brows?

She has eye brows now doesn't she! for more

Yet again the Mona Lisa is making Headline news, why? This time a scientist guy said he thinks he might have found eye brows and eye lashes that could have been there. I guess he took really detailed images of the Mona Lisa and saw places where they hairs should be, and he thinks they just faded away over time.

I actually talk about the lack of eye brows in my book. But what's really interesting to me, and yes frustrating haha is that this makes the news, headlines no less, and yet my stuff - does not! hahaha After a year it's just really amuzing to me now.

I found a painting that goes over the Mona Lisa perfectly. And a whole buch more (which you can read about and see here) and yet I can't do anything about it! hahaha

I need to finish up my damn re-write and try harder.

I just saw the Transformers movie, Wow! I really really want a robotic alien car right now. That would literally solve all my problems!
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