March 20th 2005

A little kid just came up to me and said: “You’re a teenager?”

– Um no I’m not.

“You’re a parent?”

– Um, no, I’m in between.

“you’re a kid?”

– um, I don’t know what I am so I don’t know what to tell you.

“so you’re nothing?”

That little guy brings up a good point~ Just what category am I in? I’m 22 so technically I can’t be counted as a teenager.. but that doesn’t mean someone my age couldn’t be counted in that category, but even in the teens there is a huge range.
I guess I’m in the undecided college student “what do I want to do with my life” lump of people although we range from people who have graduated to the people just starting. It’s been hammered into our heads ever since Jr. High that we have to go to college or else we’ll become a hopeless loser on welfare. So we subscribe to that and base our lives around it and forget the endless possibilities that are available without college. You can work your way up, you can start your own business and without college you get paid the whole time instead of getting into thousands of dollarsd woth of debt. All the while thinking that once youre out of college you’re going to be guaranteed to be in a job making 6 figures. When in reality, a degree might get you an invetview or a job making 30k which is barely enough to survive in OC and definitely not at the same level our parents set for us. I’m not talking about people who wen tot college knowing what they wanted from it with a plan and college that helps them with their career. Doctors Lawyers etc. But people who go just to appease their arents or whatever, they realize when they get out that a degree doesn’t really ensure all the .. just four years and years of student loans and leaves them w hardly any experience. But I guess there are worse things they could be doing than going to college..


I think when we try to get someone else’s opinion we are just trying to support our own and we’ll keep asking till we feel justified or change our minds. Perhaps the greatest problem we face is trying to find someone who understands us, which explains how and why different groups are formed.

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