Madonna with the Yarnwinder stolen?

I just read in the news that Leonardo Da Vinci's painting "'Madonna with the Yarnwinder" has been recoved - I didn't even know it was stolen!

In the news last month I read that they had done scans on that exact same painting and could decode the order da vinci painted each stoke - when did they have the painting to do that if it was stolen since 2003? hmm You would think you would need the real - actual - painting to do that. So when did they have it if they just recovered it recently?

I was just looking for a picture of the painting to include in this post and I found a version of it made by Giacomo Salai! Da Vinci's lover, who most of my book is based on. I never realized he painted a version of it. Interesting. He's pretty good. I'm about to start re-re-writing my book soon enough. I have it planned out, i just have to modivate myself to actually write.
I stopped drinking energy drinks and biting my nails - i noticed they kinda went together. When you drink a lot of caffeine, it makes you bite your nails! duh. Now if i drink an energy drink i feel it a lot more, and i use them only when i'm "working." They work really well for that.

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