Last Supper HD

These are some of the images i've made from the Last Supper. Click here for more information and pictures!

The Last Supper was in the headlines again today! This time because someone took really really high defintion pictures of it. You can see it HERE be sure to zoom in on the hand that's gesturing towards "mary's" neck. You'll see that it's really pointing to an indentation where an adams apple should be. More information about what i've found in the last supper HERE.

This is a comment I got from someone who's been reading my blog. I thought I would post my response here as well in case anyone else had the same question/ doubt. I think he/she might have been confused about what I mean by layers and animations. I dont have the ability/ equipment to see the various layers and what I'm talking about is theoretical/ a hunch. BUT there have been recent scans on another Da Vinci painting that supports my theories. My theory is that while Da Vinci built up the layers of his paintings - specifically the Mona Lisa - he also painted other images inside those layers for someone/ someday to find and decode. Like drawing a stick figure in a flip book, and each image on each page is slightly different which creates an animation. But that's just one of my theories, go HERE for a better description and to read my whole book.

"I've spent the better part of an hour reading your materials, and I'm not convinced about the layers and the animations. Anyone can do that with the right software like CS3."

True anyone could do something like that with Photoshop, but they didn't have photoshop 500 years ago and you would have to read my whole book/ site to understand what I mean by that.
It's a known fact that Da Vinci painted in layers, building up from the bottom to the top with different colors and shades - Sfumato is what his technique is called. The Mona Lisa specifically was x-rayed and has 3 other paintings underneath, not to mention the layers of paint on each of those as well.

What I mean by Da Vinci putting other images on different layers is those layers that are under the top coat. Not anything you would see on my site or that I could generate with Photoshop. They are buried. I give ways to actaully see them, but I have no way to do that. The images you see on my site are made with photoshop but have nothing to do with layers since I only have pictures of the top coats. What you see are the paintings superimposed over themselves which anyone with photoshop could re-produce very easily. I didn't fabricate the images at all. They are made by superimposition and transparency, at a specific place, not added in or manipulated. If you're interested email me and I can explain how you could do it yourself. There are other people online who have done the same thing and found the same images too.
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