I hate myspace

It all started when I was born on a big mountain, next to a Lake. I never knew what I wanted, but I always got what I asked for. I started to ask a lot of questions and heard a lot of lies. So after 20 years I ran as far away as possible, but then flew back too soon. But I learned that you can't run away from yourself. Some time went by before I fell into a black hole, and thought I had it all. Yes, a heart can hallucinate. But then I lost it and learned that sometimes you have to go fucking crazy before you can find your sanity. Finally who I was meant to be, and who I was met and started writing. For over a year they fought and learned that you have to die a thousands times before you know what life is. Now I'm living between a little Lake and a Forest. I try really hard but hardly ever enough. I've tried to give up, but enough is never enough. I tried to give in, but I don't know how. I think i'm waiting to grow up, but maybe it's only the young that can save the world. But it's like i'm always waiting for something, or someone - but i'm learning that "Happiness" is not a destination.
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