December 4th 2004: Jesus hates my car:

December 4th 2004:
Jesus hates my car:

If not him then it must be little forest people, or neighbor hood kids, or chance. Hmm
First I went out to my car a couple weeks ago and there is a dent in the hood, no scratch, just a dent – random.

Next I’m helping __ roommate jump start her trasy van and I guess we hooked up the wires wrong, they started smoking, melted, and the places where they were touching my car, also melted. Thanks so much. So now my front bumper has like 5 melt marks, the head light included.

This was before bottoming out and scratching up the whole front lip! Garrr

Moving on, a couple days ago I went out to find what appeared to be an egg having been throwin at the side of my car, further reflection led to the eggs coming out of the trash can when it was being emptied, so that made it my mom’s fault, but I guess the forest people could have put them in there to, or Jesus.

So I’m thinking, fuck, my car sucks I want a new mustang. But no my car doesn’t suck it’s the forest people who suck. Point in case, on my way home from work tonight, the whole .2 journey, I’m driving nex to the forest and waa bamn, something flies at my windshield coming from the forest on my left. Damn. First thinking itw as some kinda brick, of course, I was disappointed to find the brick “shatter” into water. Who throws water balloons at passing cars at 10:30pm? (Jesus) So I’m like not ugh. That’s fucked up. I flipped a bitch and went back to where iw as attacked. Obviously Jesus can disappear at will, and the forest people can blend in but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. I pulled my car over and started wildly honking! FUckin ya I did. I was really close to getting out and chasing them down, but I didn’t see anything, and It was really cold to get a water balloon thrown at my person. So I just honked a couple more times and retreated. It made me feel better, not that I felt –un-better.

I was also thinking of calling the police, not cause I wanted to complain but cause I wanted to teach whoever threw something at my car that there are consequences for stupid actions. Granded part of me thought it was funny and made me want to throw shit myself, but how did they know my window wasn’t down and they could have hit my face, causing me to violently turn into oncoming traffic, crashing head-on into a mini-van with a kid who would grow up to cure cancer or invent an orgasm pill?! That no no, I was thinking I might be able to get away with them to pay for the repair of the dent on my hood..

“Look what, whatever you threw at my car did!”

-“A water balloon could do that”

“Well I cerrrtinaely didn’t do it! And I didn’t just throw something at my car either, who did that? Year you, you fuck”

- “It didn’t even hit your hood”
- “yeah it did, that’s why there is a dent there”
- “then why is there water on your windshield”
- “It sprayed after denting my hood, biatch”
- “A waterballon can’t dent metal”
- “shut up, I’m pressing charges”

Yeah consequences are a necessary evil. If you drink too much – you get sick. If you laugh too much – your cheeks hurt. If you bitch too much – people don’t like you. If you throw a water ballon at me – I go ape shit and rape your senses.
That’s the way of the world and the path everyone has to take. Here to there, back and forth. Follow through and above.

Why aren’t there answer for every question?
There should be, there must be.
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